Great Birthday Cake Ideas!

Great Birthday Cake Ideas!

Great Birthday Cake Ideas! 

There is no better way to show the birthday girl or boy how special they are then create a themed, fun cake!

Probably the most important food item on the party menu is the birthday cake. The cake makes the party into a real celebration, so it should look really special and create a buzz of excitement.

If you have time to bake a cake from scratch, fantastic! However don't feel bad if you don't have the time as this is one area you can cheat slightly by buying a plain sponge and decorating it yourself to create the home-baked look in half the time! Don't worry about making the design perfect, children will feel special just for the action in itself and won't notice the tiny detail.

If you are running really short of time or would prefer a professional look, why not contact one of our recommended birthday cake suppliers on the links page.

Fun designs for your masterpiece (!) could include one of the following:

Train – use a sponge cake for the engine and cut two plain sponges into squares and stack them for the cab. Wheels could be made from sponge slices or licorice wheels look great after the cake has been iced.

Caterpillar – cut sponge cakes into sections and arrange the in a zigzag shape across a board

Number shaped cake – buy a rectangle sponge and cut into the age of your child using a template drawn on paper

Castle – A square sponge topped with a round sponge makes a lovely castle and ice cream cones are great used as turrets on each of the four corners and for the centre tower

Butterfly – cut a large round cake in half, cut two notches out from the cut side to form wings, arrange on a board before icing the pattern. Use the cut out notches for the body.

Cheeky Monkey – use a round sponge covered in chocolate rice cereal for the fur, use chocolate butter icing to create a space for the face. Chocolate buttons are great for eyes, ginger cookies make great ears, and the nose and mouth can be piped or made with sweets.

Ladybird – cut an oval shape from sponge and top with red butter icing and chocolate buttons

Car – cut a round sponge in half and cut an L shape out for the windscreen, stand the two halves together and seal with butter icing. Wheels can be made from licorice, cookies or use the sections you cut out before.

Here's one we made earlier!