Tips for an Ethical, Green Birthday Party!


Tips for a Greener Birthday Party

Foolish over-indulgence has given way to a new trend at children’s parties and, with the party circuit often following the same old tired formula, staging something completely different is the new way to stand out from the crowd.

As mums become increasingly environmentally conscious, it makes sense that we should begin to look for eco-friendly alternatives to the typical plastic, pile-it-high children’s party which is often followed by the distribution of plastic bags filled with plastic throw-away toys.

Follow our top tips for an eco-friendly birthday party – with just a few small changes to your normal routine and some creative ideas you can really make a difference with your next celebration!

  • Venue and Theme

Setting a theme for your party will help to focus your purchases and really pull everything together. Sit down with the birthday boy or girl and try to  come up with a theme they would enjoy. Themes could have an environmental spin such as  Animals. Teach your children to think about the choices they make so they have fun planning the party and protecting the planet at the same time! Have the party at home or if space would be an issue try a community space such as your local village hall. The local park is always a popular option – weather permitting- and the children can be encouraged to take part in a lovely team game such as rounders.Try to use recycled invitations or send e-vites to guests.

  • Party Bags

There is now an abundance of choice so you don’t have to hand out a plastic bag filled with plastic toys – choose re-usable 100% cotton party bags and fill them with ethical traditional wooden toys such as animal topped pencils, spinning tops and wooden jewellery. Organic fair-trade chocolate is also widely available.

As an alternative to party bags you could buy some small craft kits which the children could make as a party activity and then take home with them.

For a more personal touch, why not try Personalised Cookie Mix?

  • Decorations

Rather than disposable plastic or foil decorations, go for the stylish option by choosing 100% cotton party bunting, which can be re-used year after year, or even displayed in your child’s bedroom as a lovely year round decoration and reminder after the party.

Choose paper garlands which can be recycled afterwards, and always use natural latex balloons, which are made with natural sap of the rubber tree. Latex balloons will biodegrade within around six months, which is the same as an oak leaf. Use natural raffia to tie them in place.

  • Food

We always try to support local shops so go for local, organic food and try to find the time to make it yourself so the kids don’t get hyperactive from colourings and flavorings.  has some great articles and recipes for healthy party food if you don’t have any ideas.

  • The Party Table

Try using crockery you already have and link it to your theme by choosing colourful serviettes, which can be recycled after the party. If this isn’t an option, use compostable plates and bowls such as sugar cane or natural wheat fibre which is completely biodegradable.

  • Gifts

If you too are concerned by the amount of plastic presents which turn up at the party, why not simply ask guests to not buy plastic toys and recommend traditional wooden toys, colouring books or jigsaw puzzles instead. Obviously choose a tactful way to make this request or even suggest you make the party a toy swap affair!

All the products mentioned in this article are available from where you can also find more great party hints and tips!