Childrens Party Bags

Childrens Party Bags

When you think of a childs birthday party and the normal party supplies sold through the internet, at the major supermarkets and indeed in most shops around town, its easy to think of disposable paper party supplies, emblazoned with the newest fad cartoon character or icon.

The new way to throw a stylish birthday party to trump the Joneses and be good to the planet is to use party supplies which are not only mindful to the environment by the way they are made, in terms of the materials used and the people who make them, but are also mindful in terms of how you can dispose of them.

The Childrens Party Bag Fillers we sell, here at Little Cherry are mindful in all these areas. Our party supplies and party tableware are made from biodegradable or compostable materials like bamboo, palm leaf or starch; they can be home composted or if you don't have the luxury of a garden, they can go out with your green waste, and you can feel safe in the knowledge that they are not contributing to the demise of our planet through clogging up landfill sites. Our party supplies can also be re-used, such as our lovely cotton bunting and cotton party bags.

The suppliers we choose to make these gorgeous party supplies are also fully vetted to ensure they comply with our ethical policy; so the producers get paid fairly and work to European Standards, having frequent breaks and better working conditions.

In summary, throwing a childs birthday party no longer means having to head to the door, laden down with sacks of rubbish… you can teach your kids the reduce, re-use and recycle mantra in one party!