April Fools: Try Something New This Spring

April Fools: Try Something New This Spring

Of course, technically speaking, April Fools is celebrated on the first day of the month, but this year, we here at Little Cherry are doing things differently. April Fools is going to be a month-long thing.
We thought we would extend the original idea and use this month to introduce you to the very best way to fake it. You can take the next month as an opportunity to find, try out and fall in love with Little Cherry and our range of better-than-the-real-thing party ware.
You can even have fun fooling all of your friends with eco-friendly and disposable products that look and feel as good as the real thing.
So take our April Fools challenge and read on to see ten ways you can fool the planet-friendly and party-loving world this April.
Palm leaf plates and bamboo tableware

Whatever the occasion, a birthday or a lazy pizza night at home, our eco-friendly disposable tableware is a must. Sturdy, stylish and green to the core, you really can’t go wrong with it.
Disposable wooden (birch) cutlery

The perfect accompaniment to your new disposable tableware, our disposable wooden cutlery is a superb solution for those in need of easy, eco-friendly party ware for a sit-down meal. Made of sturdy birch, this cutlery looks and acts the part.
Compostable party cups

With the lighter evenings and more afternoons spent on the patio sipping lemonade, compostable party cups are a great idea. Ours come in a variety of sizes, ideal for every occasion, and perfectly planet-friendly.
Compostable deli pots

Leftovers are a year-round issue, but in spring, we are out and about more, which means we need to store and transport food efficiently. Our compostable deli pots are just the ticket because they offer excellent storage, and they can be easily disposed of on the compost heap.
Ice cream tubs and birch ice cream spades

This might sound a little ambitious for April, but on the off-chance we see a bit of sun, our eco-friendly ice cream tubs and spades will turn even the simplest scoop of vanilla into a thoroughly enjoyable pre-summer experience.
Pack of 50 disposable wooden cones

Whether it’s a warming spot of fish and chips on a breezy spring evening or an optimistic barbecue, our disposable wooden cones are a fun feature for serving food. You can even use them with a scoop of ice cream for a faux-cone look.
Bambu lacquerware and recycled aluminium giftware

April is a popular month for birthdays and weddings, which means lots of gifts. Instead of going for the regular, mass-produced high street gifts though, check out our Bambu lacquerware and recycled aluminium ranges. They look great, they are durable, and they are perfectly green.
Scented organic candles

Our scented organic candles are just like the leading brands, except that they are completely natural and eco-friendly. Available in various scents, they make the perfect gift, or an ideal way to create some fragrant ambience one evening.
Recyclable picnic hamper

Should you manage to dodge the April showers, you will want to grab our recyclable picnic hamper for when you are out and about. Everything in it – from the tablecloth to the tableware, the case to the cutlery – is completely green and biodegradable so that you can eat with peace of mind.
Recycled plastic lunch bag

Last but not least, our recycled plastic lunch bag is a great treat. Available in a range of fun designs like any you’d find on the high street, this eco-friendly lunch bag is made from recycled plastic and other sustainable materials, assisting you in helping the environment each and every lunchtime.
These ten ideas are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to fun new things to try this April Fools. We have so many different eco-friendly ranges available; from our bamboo tableware to our biodegradable decorations and compostable containers, you will be spoilt for choice.
So take a look around and see what green goodies you’d like to try this April; you might even find enough that you can try something new every day of the month!