Picnics and Food Packaging

Picnics and Food Packaging

There are plenty of ideas here for eco friendly days out and picnics in the park.If you fancy an easy day out with no rubbish to bring home then we have a clever choice of disposable, biodegradable lunch boxes, picnic boxes and food storage boxes made from recycled card or sugar cane pulp.The picnic sets come complete with plates, bowls, cutlery and food storage boxes which are all 100% compostable so there's no need to carry everything back home again.

With our superb range of recycled and recyclable food packaging for storage, you can keep everything safely stored away without having to worry about the environment or battling bulging cupboard doors.

We have an assortment of different food storage containers, ranging from charming picnic boxes and lunchboxes made of 100% recycled and recyclable materials, to compostable deli pots and takeaway soup cups. We even have a lovely range of paper bags with film windows that are ideal for little gifts or cupcakes.

Well designed and practical, our lidded containers make life so much easier (and cleaner!). Not only are they ideal for food storage at home, be it for leftovers or in the name of an organised fridge, they are also a great means of grabbing a healthy and eco-friendly bite on the run.

Because all of these containers are made from recycled, recyclable or compostable materials you can rest assured that you are being eco-friendly whether you are planning a picnic, a party or preparing packed lunches for the week.  

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