The Green Party – But Not As You Know It

The Green Party – But Not As You Know It

So, here at Little Cherry Ltd, we thought you might be interested in seeing just how to throw your perfect green party, complete with all manner of eco-friendly activities, utensils and ideas.
First and foremost, get all your friends together and make sure they are aware of the eco-friendly nature, perhaps you could have a themed dress code too.
Goodie Bags

We have a great selection of recycled paper party bags that are available in all manner of styles and colours that will allow you to create a great colour scheme. These can be filled with homemade cupcakes, pretty organic candles or even some homemade fortune cookies. We all love a positive message in a cookie.

See what your friends know about the environment and maintaining an eco-friendly lifestyle by throwing together some questions that will get everyone tickled and guessing. We all love the excitement you get when you think you know the answer to that awkward pub quiz question. So gather everyone around with a lovely glass of organic wine and get cracking on with those questions and ridiculous team names.

How about making some silly games up out of our biodegradable cutlery? Giving your guests a time limit to make constructions using a provided amount of forks and spoons for example.Or using our vintage style paper straws to try and keep a Ping-Pong ball afloat, or even scrunching up little balls of paper and attempting to hit a target by bowing them out.
We all love these childish games after a glass of wine (or even without!)
Bake Off            

Using our palm leaf bowls and plates, present yours and your guests bake-off entries in style together with an eco-friendly touch. Somehow all cakes taste so much better when we know that they are being presented on a plate that won’t harm our lovely earth.
We really hope that you enjoy your Green Party and we can’t wait to see the pictures of your games, baking and all the other things you get up to!
Don’t forget to check out our clearance section for last minute buys to vamp up the green activities, and, of course, get in touch if you need any help or advice!