Ten Idea’s for Fabulous February Fun!

Ten Ideas for Fabulous February Fun!

February days can seem gloomy and long; but with these great activities, you won't run out of fabulous things to do this February Half Term!

Indoor Fun

  1. February days may be rainy and gray… but it's the perfect time for a duvet day!

Try story time with a difference if the rain stops you from getting outside… get the duvets and blankets, and build a secret den in the lounge. Drape the duvet over chairs and sofa's and secure, then drag all your comfy cushions and bean bags in with a lamp, and snuggle up for a fun take on a story!

  1. Party Games aren't just for birthdays!

Kids love party games – not just because it reminds them of the fun they have had with their friends, but it's also a great stimulus for them and fantastic for using up energy. We have a great printable help sheets with loads of fun games you can play indoors and out – see here for more information.

  1. Old clothes can be recycled

Get creative by digging out old clothes and jazzing them up. You can use fabric crayons, buttons, wool, glue – why not make them into costumes and then play a game in your theme?

  1. Make a Puppet Theatre

This is a great way to recycle your rubbish, and get creative with the kids, both through making a puppet theatre and also by creating a story for the stage. We have some lovely puppet craft kits if you need a helping hand, and your theatre can be made with simple items such as old cereal boxes and a coat of paint.

  1. Sock Puppets

What is it about socks? Put them in the wash and you always end up with the odd ones! Recycle them by making sock puppets, using buttons, wool, fabric crayons and PVA glue.

  1. Get Painting!

Remember straw painting? You need a straw, some watered down paint, some large pieces of paper and a surface that can be wiped clean! Put a small amount of paint on the paper and blow in all directions to make fun designs and patterns.

Get mucky – finger painting, sponge painting, potato painting… add some interest!

  1. Tree Pictures

Go to the park and collect real sticks and leaves on the way home, when you get there, stick them to sheets of paper to made great life-like 3D images.

  1. Bring outdoors indoors!

Create a lovely feature by planting window boxes or a herb box for the kitchen window sill. You can pick up ready grown plants or seeds from your local garden centre and get the kids involved in nature by giving them their own box, trowel and compost.

And a couple of Ideas for Outdoor Fun

1. Go Exploring

It may be blustery outside, but fresh air is too good to miss (and wears out energetic children with cabin fever!), so wrap up warm with hats, scarf's, and wellies and head to the hills with hot sausage rolls wrapped in foil, hot chocolate in a thermos flask, a compass and a treasure map, climb the biggest hill you can find, then get your pitch and enjoy a February picnic.

2. Have a Teddy Bears Picnic in the Woods

If the day is a bit drizzly, head to woodland, which will protect you from the worst of the weather. Take a picnic and your child's' favourite toys, and have a teddy bears picnic. Build a den, hunt for Elves, Fairies and Goblins, track animals and make the day as magical as possible!