Picnics and Festivals

Picnics and Festivals

Picnics and Festivals



From biodegradable lunch boxes and picnic hampers to recycled lunch bags, you can now be green on family days out or for those lovely picnics in the sun.  Take a look for yourself.

It’s an eco-friendly way to enjoy time in the countryside or at a festival without feeling guilty about your impact on the environment.

Rather than having to throw them away, these items can be buried–saving you have to lug them home and the plates will soon degrade and disappear.



Family Festivals

For most larger festivals, including Latitude, Shambala, Bestival, Leeds etc, you can compost biodegradables – All food packaging, including plates, bowls, cups, containers and cutlery provided onsite are biodegradable.


There are also staffed litter points in the campgrounds to help festival goers with recycling and composting separation.

For smaller local festivals, check with them on their policy for compostables or take everything home with you to compost there.