Roses are Red, Romance is Green

Roses are Red

Romance is green,
Love Valentines
With Little Cherry.
Valentine’s Day; the one day of the year we have carte blanche to declare our love and be unashamedly soppy, in public, with no holds barred. Yes, those romance-filled 24 hours are almost upon us again, and we’re sure you have already started planning a magical evening of sweeping each other off your feet.
No doubt, those plans will include all the old favourites like candles, roses, handmade cards and a romantic meal for two. A cosy dinner date is ideal for couples who want to embrace the spirit of 14th February, but you need to think practically because with dinner comes dirty dishes.
Now, if we are being honest, nobody wants to waste time doing the dishes on Valentine’s Day. As lovely as the dinner portion of the evening might be, the rest of the date awaits, be it a film or a turn around the dance floor.
So how do you skip the post-nosh clean up and get on with wooing your significant other? Well, as it happens, disposable wooden cutlery and tableware from is the perfect solution.
Read on to see which of our various disposable cutlery products would work for you Valentine’s dinner date; we have even included a sample recipe for each, just in case you need a little romantic inspiration.
Authentic Asian
If you are planning a menu inspired by Asian cuisine, may we suggest going authentic with your tableware? Our bamboo chopsticks come with a love heart motif, ideal for Valentines. You’ll have fun trying to use them, and they add a touch of romance to the spread. To put your bamboo chopsticks to good use, try easy-to-eat sushi or this Asian-inspired menu.
All-American Milkshake Date
When you think of a“date”, your mind almost automatically wanders to a 1950s diner in the heart of the USA, with high school sweethearts sharing a giant milkshake – one glass, two straws. It is wholesome and nostalgic, but romantic nonetheless. So recreate the image on your own date with a sundae glass (you can wash it the next morning) and some of our vintage paper straws, complete with a red heart printed pattern. Try these All-American milkshake recipes; the Mississippi Mudslide or the Banana Split Shake. Don’t forget to put a cherry on top!
Fancy Fish’n’Chips

Fish and chips is a classic British dish and more of a comfort food than a classy, romantic meal. However, true love doesn’t care if you’re eating cod or caviar, so enjoy this hearty treat for Valentines. You can dress it up a bit with our disposable wooden cones (just like the chip shop!) or a disposable wooden boat, to hold both the fish and the chips. For a DIY dinner, try this Jamie Oliver recipe.
These are just three ideas for making your Valentine’s Day dinner easier and more time-efficient. We have plenty of disposable party plates and biodegradable tableware you can use, not to mention an assortment of date-appropriate decorations. So browse our site, prepare your date ahead of time, and enjoy whilst Cupid works his magic.