Planet-Friendly Festive Treats

Planet-Friendly Festive Treats

Now that the nights are longer, darker and colder, the temptation to hibernate with a book and a hot drink can be overwhelming – but another great way to pass the time is to get baking! What could be more fun than baking some festive favourites for your family and friends?

This year, give something homemade with love; not only will it be much more sentimental for the recipient, but it also means you get to dress them up all stylish and pretty with some compostable food packaging that is good for the planet, too.

Baking fever is at an all-time high at this time of year – post The Great British Bake Off and pre-Christmas, so why not put those baking urges to good use? We’ve got some wonderfully festive ideas for you to get stuck into this year.

Not only will these bakes make wonderful treats for any guests you might have over for dinner, but they can be given as gifts and also served as mini treats or appetisers, too.

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