One-Bowl Meals: What’s Not to Love?

One-Bowl Meals: What's Not to Love?

When you’re planning and throwing a party, the last thing you want to have to think about is hours of washing up and tidying whilst everyone else is having fun, or even once they’ve all gone home.
That is why disposable tableware is such a great option, and the fact that little cherry's disposable tableware is completely green and biodegradable means you don’t have to compromise your conscience for the sake of convenience.
At the end of the night, you just pop the plates, cutlery, and cups in a bag and take that bag to the compost heap. What’s more is that because the tableware is compostable, you don’t even need to scrape off the food; smart and stylish all night long, and quick and easy for clean-up duty.
This isn’t where the convenience ends though. You can use our bamboo or palm leaf tableware every night of the week, and for a really easy life, why not just stick to bowls. There are so many tasty one-bowl meals you can tuck into, be it at a party or after a late night at work, that you never need to be stuck at the sink again.
Why one-bowl meals? Well, aside from the convenience factor, one-bowl meals are:

If you’re one of the many, many people out there who clear their plate one section at a time, you’re probably used to experiencing and recognising one specific flavour at once. Now, this is fine for the most part, but you are likely missing out on a whole world of flavour sensations. But one-bowl meals can help. Because everything is in the one dish, you can’t help but mix all the separate elements of the meal together, so the flavours complement each other. This means you experience the tastes of the whole meal, as opposed to its individual ingredients.

Eating well can get expensive if you aren’t smart about what you buy and how you use it. You’ll need stocks of meat, different sauces, vegetables and rice or pasta. All of these elements can add up, and getting fresh ingredients every time you want to make yourself dinner can be costly. Many one-bowl meals though can be batch-cooked, so you can use all your fresh ingredients without letting any go to waste, then freeze or chill your batches and keep yourself well-fed for days.
Easy to Eat

Life can be busy and making time to sit down and eat a nutritious meal in a civilised manner isn’t always easy. With one-bowl bites though, you don’t have to carve out a chunk of your schedule or lay a fancy table. You can grab your bowl and your utensil of choice, then perch at your desk, carry on watching the news or curl up and keep reading your book whilst satisfying your rumbly tummy. And you can do it all one handed because most one-bowl dishes don’t need a knife and fork; just a spoon or, depending on the dish, a pair of chopsticks and you’re good to go.
Simple to Make

The beauty of cooking one-bowl recipes is that most of them call for you to prepare the ingredients then “chuck ‘em in” Jamie Oliver style. This is the best kind of cooking for lots of reasons. Not only are you letting the ingredients and flavour combinations speak for themselves, but you can get down to business and make the meal before you starve to death following complex, multiple-stage recipes. After all, when your stomach feels like your mouth’s sewn shut, keeping it quick and simple is the preferred option.
So make the most of the convenient and conscience-friendly tools at your disposal. Browse our site and find the disposable tableware that best suits your needs, then get to grips with some fabulous one-bowl recipes. Your pocket, palate and planet will thank you!