It’s a Pirate Life for Me!

It’s a Pirate Life for Me!

And because it’s us, we've got you covered with decorations and accessories, right down to the bamboo disposable plates.
When organising a birthday bash, it’s important to remember five things: sight, sound, taste, touch and smell. Include elements that hit all five of the senses and you’ll be onto a winner.


The visual impact of a theme should be instantaneous. You want banners, balloons and other decorations that hit you in the face (metaphorically) with pirates. Think Jolly Rogers, parrots, treasure chests full of gold, pirate ships, sails, swords and, of course, eye patches and hooks. Get a variety of dressing up props for the kids to get fully immersed in your theme.


If you can find a CD with pirate songs on, brilliant, that will be the perfect audio backdrop to your pirate party. If not, do not fret. Just pop on a pirate themed film to get the kids in the spirit of things, think Peter Pan, Pirates of the Caribbean and Hook.


Food is essential at any kids’ party. Finger food is best, as they can nibble at whatever they fancy, as and when their pirate appetite demands. If you have a small wooden chest, fill it with gold coins and lollipops as treasure. Make mini Jolly Roger flags and attach them to food using a cocktail stick for mini pirate boat eats. Decorate cupcakes with skulls and crossbones, and you can always use our bamboo tableware for an authentic life-at-sea eating experience. Don’t forget the grog labels for your cups of juice! Discover our line of eco friendly products right here!


Pirate themed balloons, bunting and banners are cute little additions to the party. Colour wise, black, white and red with blue will set the scene nicely. Perhaps you can get a pirate ship bouncy castle, or some palm trees and sand. If the weather is bad, and you’re feeling creative, grab as many cardboard boxes as possible and build a ship in your living room or around the dining table to make the kids feel like the buccaneers and swashbucklers they are.


This one is a little difficult with this theme, but there are lots of inexpensive things you can do to make this party more realistic. You can buy sea-breeze air fresheners or have sandpits and a fan on to make your flags flow in the sea air. If all else fails, the smell of the all-important birthday cake will be more than enough!
So, there you have it. A few ideas to get you started on your nautical, pirate themed birthday extravaganza – aye, me hearties! For more information, please take a look at our decorations and range of disposable party plates including our incredible bamboo tableware to guarantee your party is as eco-friendly as you are!