I want to be Eco-Friendly… but how?

I want to be Eco-Friendly... but how?

I want to be eco-friendly… but how?

If, like millions of others out there you want to be more eco-friendly and are unsure what to do or how to do it… this article is for you!

If you made a pact to follow just one or two tips from our list, you would be well on your way to becoming more eco-friendly – get the kids to join in, and think of fun ways you could be making that small difference!

Tips for an eco-friendly life


Transport Tips for eco-friendly travel


  • Cut emissions and get fit by walking short journeys. Walk the kids to school, or see if you can buddy up with a mum at school to share car journeys
  • Cycling is just as eco-friendly and will cut out the stress of a journey sat in traffic, try your local bike retailer for advice on helmets, child seats or carriages
  • Use public transport – the kids will find it a great adventure, and become more streetwise at the same time
  • If you must use your car, turn you engine off if you are stationery for more than two minutes or more, inflate your tyres and park in the shade. (The sun on a hot engine can cause increased emissions)
  • Smaller cars use less fuel, or choose an alternative fuel vehicle such as a hybrid.
  • Holiday at home – choose to explore the beauty of our own country rather than jetting off and contributing to climate change.
  • If you must fly and can't avoid it, offset your carbon emissions by planting a tree.

One last tip…

We can't be expected to do everything on this list everyday – and I won't pretend that I manage it. The small differences all add up and if you can get into a lifestyle habit, perhaps choosing to implement one change every so often, you will soon find that your life has much less of an impact than before.

Everything counts.

Make a difference – make it eco-friendly.