Festive Bake Off

Festive Bake Off

We all have our own preferences when it comes to desserts and sweet treats, especially around Christmas. While many love traditional mince pies and Christmas pudding, some prefer a chocolatey Yule log while other’s favour panettone and stollen. Whatever your preference, nothing beats home baked goodies, so what are you waiting for?
Novice or well versed alike, we have compiled a few of our favourite festive recipes for you all to get stuck into. Serve individually in our food gift bags and hand out as eco party favours, or give the gift of a hamper this Christmas to all your foodie friends.

Mince Pies

This traditional festive offering is a staple in most homes and offices every Christmas. A classic recipe that is easy to make and tastes fantastic can be found here, courtesy of Jamie Oliver.

Yule Log

An indulgent, slice of chocolate heaven, dusted in a powdery sugar snow – the Yule log is a long-standing Christmas treat not to be missed. Sumptuous chocolate sponge rolled and smothered in chocolate icing with a sprinkle of snow – sounds good, doesn't it? Find Nigella Lawson’s recipe here.

Gingerbread House

The ginger nut gets its yearly makeover in the form of the festive gingerbread house. Mary Berry’s recipe from The Great British Bake Off is sure to get a few hearts racing, but there’s no pressure on when you’re making your own! Ice and decorate your edible house however you see fit. You can even encourage your friends and family to make their own, and have your own bake off!

Cupcake Tree

This one looks impressive, makes a fabulous centrepiece and is as easy as making a classic sponge. Pin mini cupcakes to create a tree and place in a pot to take pride of place on your dinner table – voila!
Just a few ideas to get you started, but you can make eco party favours using whichever sweet treats and goodies you wish, all you need is some eco-friendly party disposables to package them up and you’re all set.
Contact us for more information on our range of packaging, but for now… ready, set and bake!