Easy Winter Crafts for Kids

Easy Winter Crafts for Kids

Of course, you will start with things like baking; reading and cosying up to watch a good film. Once you’ve exhausted all these options, you can mix things up with a spot of arts and crafts.
Anything creative – and messy – will keep young minds engaged and little hands busy, but there’s more to it than leaving a stack of paper and a selection of paints on the table.
Children need stimulation, challenges and fun themes to work with. So start them off with some winter-inspired crafts, be it Christmas decorations or welcoming home accessories.
To give you some inspiration, here are three fun and easy winter crafts for kids courtsey of Little Cherry:
Sugar Cane Snowmen

If there’s not enough of the white stuff outside to make a real snowman, have them make their own little snowmen out of disposable party plates.

  1. Use our snow-white biodegradable sugar cane plates. Try to have at least two sizes cut; one for the body and one for the head. For a bit of variety, have a few different sizes – just trim along the edges
  2. Attach the heads to the bodies with glue, paper fasteners or even some crafty sewing; a thick coloured yarn could be incorporated into your snowman’s scarf
  3. Once your snowmen are assembled, bring them to life with paint and pens. For a 3D effect, use buttons for shirts, beads for eyes and added embellishments like lollipop arms and felt hats
  4. After decorating your snowmen, think about how you will display them. Will they need to hang, stand, or be strung together to make snowman bunting? Click here to view our organic range of disposable party plates and cutlery today!

Jam Jar Lanterns

There is nothing better than snuggling up under blankets to watch a family film by cosy candlelight, especially with the added personal touch of handmade tea light holders.

  1. Raid the recycling and gather jam jars, mincemeat jars and cranberry sauce jars. Any jar will work, as long as it is big enough to pop an organic tea light in once decorated
  2. With some adult supervision, children can begin to decorate the jam jars with anything, from paint and craft paper to various embellishments and glitter glue. Just be mindful not to get anything on the inside of the jar
  3. Once the jars are finished, pop in the tea lights and let your little ones choose where they want to display their handiwork, and then cosy up and watch the candles flicker in their pretty jars

DIY Family Fun

Using simple materials and a bit of imagination, little ones can create their own board game. More than a fun afternoon of arts and crafts, the DIY board game will provide hours of family fun afterwards too.

  1. Board games are the ultimate boredom buster for families stuck indoors, and designing one of your own on one of our square palm leaf plates will provide hours of entertainment
  2. Keep it classic with Snakes and Ladders or create your own game. Just make sure you use pencil to plan and draw everything first, ensuring everything works and fits on the board
  3. If your little ones want a slightly more complex game, use scrap pieces of paper for “challenge” cards and an old cereal box for dice.

These three crafts are just starting inspiration; there are plenty of ideas out there for kid-friendly crafts, and with a little imagination and a good stock of supplies, you can keep them occupied all winter long. For more lovely craft ideas or inspiration on kids parties, visit our blog over at www.littlecherry.co.uk for loads of homely ideas for all seasons!