Kids’ Dinner Time

Somehow, you got landed with the kids this weekend, and by ‘kids’ we mean all of your girlfriends and relatives have chosen you and your home to be the nursery this weekend.

But fear not in the face of danger, those smashed plates and broken bowls are no more!
Surprise all the lovely mummies and daddies that left you their little treasures, with a very big and round ‘zero’ when asked how many plates they owe you. And of course, when asked why, you get to respond with the very satisfying explanation of ‘well I was using eco-friendly bamboo plates’. Responsible parent points all round.

Moving Day

We are all familiar with the day when it arrives, and that time around 11pm when we sit on the floor of our new home, with a takeaway and no cutlery to hand, or anything else for that matter – disposable tableware calls.

Just imagine the lovely, fulfilling feeling when you can enjoy your first meal, knowing you’re causing the environment no harm, and can return your bamboo plates to the earth via your own compost heap. Bliss.

If you can think of any more occasions that might spring surprise upon unsuspecting guests, family or friends, let us know.

Or even better, tweet us @LittleCherryLtd and show us those shocked faces!