5 Top Party Tips!

Having organised many children's (and grown-ups!) parties, we decided to let you know the five most simple steps you can take, that we have learnt along the way to make sure your party is a successful one, and here they are! 

1. Get your child involved with organising the party

Not only will it be a great lesson in making ethical product choices, it will help your child to understand the importance of choosing products carefully and making sure they know why they are choosing the products they are.

For example, every party product we sell has a great story, if you can incorporate that into your selections it can be a really fun exercise, which means something. We have sugarcane plates, natural starch cups, and corn starch straws, not to mention a whole range of tableware made from natural palm leaf and all of these are sure to get your child really excited about their ethical party supplies!

This extends to choices for your party bags too; choosing a recycled paper party bags and popping in a small selection of ethical wooden toys such as a bracelet and hair slides for girls and a spinning top and train for boys is a great way to teach children about decision making, organisation and the value of wooden toys.

2. Have more games and activities then you think you will need

We have found that by having a few more children's party games up your sleeve it really helps on the day! You will find that some activities take less time than you thought they would and some will just not work as well as you thought… having a few other options on your list will help you to save the day if you sense that a party game isn't going as well as expected.

3. Have more prizes than you need

Sometimes, as we all know, children can get upset at the prospect of not winning a game. Although it is a good lesson in life, it's actually a good idea to have a few consolation prizes. Make them token gifts so everyone feels special.

4. Don't display your party bags in reach of the children

We have found that storing your party bags in a separate room until near the end of the party keeps the children's attention on the party fun rather than the party bag. Sometimes this is a shame, especially if you want to show your party bags off, a good idea would be to use sticker closures on paper bags and tie up cotton bags in a good bow so the kids do just shove their hands in!

5. Have a plan, but don't be afraid to change it

Having a plan will keep the activities and party on track, but be prepared to compromise depending on how the party goes. If a child gets a bit tired from the games and excitement and would rather sit out a play with toys, that's fine, move on to the next activity and chances are, they will join back in again soon!

We update our tips and advice with your help, so please do get in touch with us if you have a great idea and would like to see it published.

We offer a prize for the best tip so you never know, your tip might help you win the party bags for your next party!

Contact us on littleidea@littlecherry.co.uk or give us a call on 01784 470570, and good luck with your party!