Two’s Company

April is officially Couples Month and in celebration of all our loved up, coupled up, engaged, married or ‘it’s a little complicated’ couples out there, this one is for you. Whether you are in a new relationship, settled and living together, engaged, newlywed, approaching your five-year anniversary or about to embark on being parents for the first time; it is always important to make time for this special relationship.

Being a part of a couple is special, and that’s the way it should be. There will be in-jokes, pet names and incredible memories; there will be petty arguments, big blowouts and life-changing decisions to be made, but most of all there will be love, in all of its glory.

For the happy couple in the midst of planning a wedding, there might not be much time or money for regular dates and continuing adventures. So, all we are asking for is one evening in the month of April for you to come together alone, or with your coupled-up friends, to enjoy all that you are.

Double Dating to the Max

Throwing a couples night doesn’t have to be complicated, strenuous or time-consuming; it can be as simple and easy going as you like or need. Whether you get some tortillas and a selection of dips for a movie marathon or go all out with a full buffet, served with disposable tableware, your night should be about coming together and appreciating the love that is shared between a couple, a couple of friends or a couple of couples! Get involved!

Keep it Small

If your friends are less coupled up and loving life more on their own, then a couples night might not be on the cards just yet, but that shouldn't mean you can’t celebrate with your other half. Showing your appreciation for your partner could not be easier. Sure, you can keep the disposable tableware ready for a takeaway night with no washing up, but you can also leave little love notes and messages for your loved one to find, cook their favourite meal or go on a romantic date, just the two of you.

Discover new adventures together, do something out of your comfort zone that your partner loves to do, or grant each other relationship wishes and show you care; it’s the little things that count. For more ideas, please click here.

No matter what big life event is going on; weddings, babies, holidays and more, make a little time for the couples in your life this April, it won’t be forgotten in a hurry! 

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