The Ultimate (Green) Get-Cosy Gift Set

Whether you need the perfect gift for a birthday, a baby shower, a hen party or just a romantic evening, something personal and pamper-focused is a good way to go. After all, everyone needs an excuse to take some time out!
With hectic everyday lives and jam-packed schedules, we could all do with a little time to indulge in some TLC. As such, giving a gift that prompts the recipient to get cosy and pamper themselves means you are giving the person-in-need so much more than just a get-cosy gift set; you are giving them a chance to reboot and refresh, without having to feel guilty about it.
But what exactly do you put in a get-cosy gift set? Especially if you need to ensure it is both budget-friendly and green in nature. Well, we have come up with the below checklist for an all-rounder gift set, just to get you started.
Of course, once you have the basics, you can add to and amend the gift set in a way that makes it more personal to your intended recipient. Swap plain items for ones in their favourite colours, include their favourite chocolate, or pop in a small trinket you know they would like.
First and foremost though, you need to make sure you get the get-green-and-cosy aspect right. So read on to see our top picks for the perfect gift set.
Fair Trade Hot Chocolate

If there is one thing we associate with being cosy, it’s cuddling up to a bucket of luxurious hot chocolate. That’s why including a Fair Trade hot chocolate kit is of the utmost importance when getting together a gift set. Don’t forget to include the full works though, like marshmallows, chocolate sprinkles and wafer straws.
Scented Organic Candles

Candles are the quickest way to create ambience, especially if you want warm cosy glows and comforting scents. Our scented organic candles are the perfect alternative to leading brand candles, being made entirely from natural materials and available in either small votives or larger travel candle jars.
Potpourri Packages

A nice accompaniment to the scented candles, potpourri is a superb gift. Our fabric gift bags are the perfect size to be filled with delicious smelling, homemade, eco-friendly potpourri. Of course, you can buy potpourri, but it’s far more fun and personal to do it yourself, a la Team EcoEtsy.
The Perfect Music-Movie Playlist

Get an old jam or mason jar and clean it out, then take some of our seeded gift tags or even our plain Kraft gift tags, and write song and movie titles on each one. Pop the tags in the jar and write instructions, explaining that the recipient has to dive in and make a selection on a regular basis, in order to compile a Music-Movie playlist, which can be enjoyed on cosy evenings in.
Cosy Essentials

Even spring and summer birthdays call for comfy, cosy gifts like slipper socks, lavender and wheat heat bags for aches and pains, and other such toasty treats. You may also want to include luxury items like bubble bath, face masks and other pampering necessities, which can be found in a variety of eco-friendly ranges. For the ultimate display, take a look at our heart-shaped palm leaf plate, which are perfect for creatively placing cosy essentials in.
Now, these five elements are just the foundations of your get-cosy gift set. What else is included is up to you and your recipient’s tastes. You can make the gift set as simple or as fancy as you like, just make sure you keep it personal. For more ideas on what to put in it, look at different blogs and Pinterest boards, and browse our site.