Party Bag Fillers

Party Bag Fillers

Childrens party bag fillers are all to often made entirely with easily breakable plastic, and are often broken and shoved down the back seat of the car on the way home! Little Cherry offers a great solution to the nasty plastic party bag fillers – we sell a wide range of ethical party bag toys, most of which are made from sustainable wood and painted in non-toxic paints.

The fact our party bag fillers are stronger and more robust means that you get more playtime for your money, and according to our happy customers, they not only last longer, but children often look after them better, as they are not viewed as being as disposable as your average party bag filler.

The other range of eco-friendly party bag fillers we offer are our green fingers range, which include lovely things for your children and guests at your childs party, to plant and grow when they get home.

Again, the lifetime enjoyment of a party bag toy like this is much longer… plus children get the added enjoyment when they see the first sprouts of a seed or flower, poking its head through the soil!

Choosing eco-friendly toys for your party bags, sends a great message to your children, plus so much more fun… its easy to see why so many of us are saying NO! to plastic party bag fillers and choosing gorgeous eco-friendly party bag fillers from Little Cherry instead.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you would like any advice on our range of eco-friendly party supplies on 01784 470570