Our Starch Tableware

Can I use these biodegradable plates, bowls and cups for hot foods?

  • Yes, absolutely. In fact, their thickness means that they have ideal thermal properties for hot food and drinks. You will not require a sleeve in order to hold one of our compostable starch cups even when filled with piping hot tea.

Will starch tableware dissolve on contact with drinks and wet foods such as soups?

  • The starch plates, cups, and bowls will soften slightly in contact with water, though are still stable in use. They are not intended for storage of liquids, though will hold water for 2-3 hours.

Can I heat food in a microwave on a compostable plate or bowl?

  • Yes, though this is only advised for 2-3 minutes.

Can I put starch tableware in the freezer ?

  • Yes. It will maintain its shape for up to 3 months.

How long can starch tableware be kept prior to use?

How long will compostable plates, cups, and bowls take to break down?

  • These items break down in a few months in domestic compost conditions. When immersed in water at room temperature, disintegration takes 1 week. At the present time, the tableware has not been certified under any of the international standards discussed in our end-of-life FAQ.

Can I reuse the starch tableware?

  • These items are sold as disposable, though it is of course perfectly possible to give used cups etc a rinse and reuse. They are also suitable for other uses, such as animal feed or as an addition to home compost heaps.

Where's the catch ?

  • No catch – this is great stuff. The plates are rigid enough that you can load them with food, and still hold one-handed to one edge. The cups don't need a sleeve, and have no plastic coating (as do many paper cups), so are fully biodegradable.