Our Natural Beeswax Birthday Candles

Why Burn Beeswax?

Beeswax candles have been the choice of candle connoisseurs through the ages, bringing a simple, natural elegance to all occasions.

Beeswax is 100% natural and a renewable resource. Most candles are made with paraffin, a petroleum by-product, which is not natural and is unhealthy to burn. To prepare it for candle making it is chemically bleached and hardened, then artificially scented. Burning paraffin emits harmful black soot and pollutes the air.

Soy and other natural wax candles may be healthier to burn than paraffin, however many are synthetically fragranced, and none compare to the luxurious quality and natural beauty of beeswax.

Beeswax is naturally aromatic, infused with the sweet, subtle scent of honey. Being non-toxic and non-allergenic, beeswax candles burn clean and soot free. While burning they release negative ions, just as seashores or rainstorms do. These ions improve air quality by eliminating pollutants and allergens from the air that we breathe.

The high melting and burning temperature of beeswax translates into long burn times. They burn with a steady, healthy sized flame that radiates a spectrum of light that matches the sun. Beeswax candles are the ultimate in natural luxury.

Our natural beeswax birthday candles are 100% pure beeswax, they are hand dipped and available in packs of 12.