Little Cherry’s Guide to Being the Easter Bunny

Hurray! The Easter Bunny is on his way!

Yes. Spring has finally sprung and Easter is rapidly approaching. This year Easter is a little later than normal which means you have a little longer to prepare for it, so why not make the most of the extra time and plan an Easter party? Even if you don’t fancy having a full on chocolate-fuelled, egg-bedecked party there are still plenty of fun and crafty things you can get ready for everyone to enjoy once Easter gets here. Read on to see some of our suggestions for the perfect Easter weekend!

Bethe Bunny

If there is one thing that every Easter party needs it’s an Easter Bunny. Now, unless you have an exceptionally well-trained rabbit of your own, the role of Easter Bunny will most likely fall to you or to one of the other adults. So, first things first: the tail. This is one of the Bunny’s most distinctive features so it’s important to make sure it’s just right – not too fluffy and not too flat. Our white pom poms work well as bunny tails and they can be attached to bottoms by tying a ribbon on and threading the ribbon through the belt loops on your jeans. For easy-to-make and eco-friendly bunny ears recycle an old cereal box or if you have any of our bamboo or sugar cane plates, just cut them in half and draw on the pink inner ears. After that you can attach your new ears to a headband or affix them to your hair with clips. Of course, there are plenty of bunny accessories and costumes readymade on the market if you want to go all out. We think it’s much more fun to do it yourself though, don’t you?

So now we have the Bunny sorted, let’s take a look at what goodies the Bunny can leave!

Think Outside of the Egg

Having the Easter Bunny prance around and hide lots of eggs ready for the hunt is one of Easter’s most iconic traditions. As exciting as it is for children to scramble around the garden in search of sugary goodness, hiding green gifts they can enjoy long after Easter is a much better idea; plus it is better for tummies, teeth and the environment. If you’re wondering what kind of trinkets you could hide for the Easter egg hunt then check out our children’s party bag fillers which are perfect for kids of all ages. Here are some of our Spring and Easter themed top picks:

  • Little pots ideal for putting lucky pennies, jokes or messages in.
  • Wooden pencil sharpeners and assorted pencil sharpeners in assorted spring designs.
  • Packs of pencils perfect for keeping everyone occupied with an Easter themed drawing competition.
  • Spring cow necklaces and ladybird bracelets great for girls who want pretty Spring themed prizes.
  • Harmonicas boys will love the fun and noisy prizes.
  • Mini cow wooden puzzle puzzles are great for keeping everyone busy in a quiet way (when the grown-ups need a rest).
  • Bumble bee pencils bees are a great Spring themed design for prizes because they are what bring all the Spring flowers to life.

Eco-Friendly Easter Baskets

Easter Baskets are another popular Easter tradition and whilst they are usually filled with chocolates, eggs and all sorts of tasty treats, you can actually put whatever you want in them. So why not give the sugary eggs a miss and treat your little ones to eco-friendly Easter gifts? Our Green Fingers children’s party bag fillers are ideal. Why not get everyone ready for summer with our Sunflower Power Seedboms? How about the limited edition London Honeybee Company urban Beebom which is a wonderful collection of high-nectar wildflowers, ideal for urban environments! Of course, you could spread Spring joy this Easter with a Mr Grass Head or a Grow Your Own Lucky Four Leaf Clover pack; either of which is a far better option than the same old chocolate people get year on year. Plus these gifts are much longer lasting!

Have Activities Planned

Decorations, a well-designed Easter egg hunt and Spring themed prizes are all well and good but you need to have activities lined up for people to do once the hunt is over. Depending on the size of the party and the personal preferences of those involved, there are all sorts of things you can do including cookery, crafting and more. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Any party needs party bags so why not get our Spring themed recycled flower party bags? Alternatively, you could get some plain paper bags and get everyone to design their own Easter themed party bag.
  • Why not make some goodies for everyone’s Easter baskets? You could make packs of dried fruits and nuts, you could bake homemade cookies or you could even make your own chocolate eggs (see how here) NB: If you absolutely must have no-fuss chocolate eggs this Easter then check out these eco-friendly supermarket favourites.
  • For fun Easter crafts, check out this article and get everyone involved in something creative whilst they snack on their Easter goodies.
  • Check out here and here for tips on throwing the Easter Egg Hunt itself.

These are just a few of the ways Little Cherry can help make this Easter your perfect Easter. Of course, you can be as creative as you want so think outside of the box (or the egg) when it comes to your Easter Party this year! Check out what else we have here at Little Cherry and let us know how you will be enjoying an eco-friendly Easter!

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