Little Cherry Loves: No Fuss Dinner Parties

At Little Cherry we love to eat!  There are no two ways about it; eating is a big – and enjoyable – part of life. Whether it is grabbing breakfast as you dash out of the door or doing a Sunday Roast spread that fills bellies and breaks smiles.

As important as food is on a day-to-day basis though, there are few things more enjoyable than dining in good company. It could be a family get together with a slap up four-course meal, or it could be pizza and wine with your nearest and dearest friends; it doesn’t matter because you will be in for a good time either way.

Whilst such social occasions are full of fun, there is always a little black cloud hanging over the festivities: the clean up. A necessary evil, whether you make a pot of tea or a meal using every pot and pan you own, the scraping and washing and drying that comes with a friends and family feast is nothing to look forward to.

So how can you have a scrumptious social without any of the fuss and faff that usually follows? Well, you choose your tools wisely. Of course, you can’t do much about the tin you roast the chicken in or the utensils you use during cooking, but if you’re feeding the 500 and you turn cold at the thought of washing that many plates, glasses and sets of cutlery, you’re in luck.

In the name of saving the planet and saving the sanity of party planners everywhere, there are all sorts of clever solutions to the post-party fuss we all dread. From entirely edible glasses to completely compostable place settings, there are some great ideas out there for you to make the most of.

Read on for more on just three of these innovative and inspired ideas; and don’t forget to keep them in mind next time you plan a little get together.

Tuck Into Rice Tableware

Imagine tucking into a delicious Thai or Chinese dish; aromatic ingredients, crispy vegetables and…edible chopsticks? Yes, that really is a thing right now. Not just chopsticks though. Rice-Design has developed a range of biscuit based tableware that will not only act as a vessel for your mains, but also offer a bit of a dessert. The best bit? No washing up!

Use Biodegradable Bamboo Tableware

Sometimes, the hardest part about throwing a party and using disposable tableware is the guilt you feel throwing it away. Even with some of the paper plates in stores, you can feel like you’re contributing to a lot of waste. With our bamboo tableware though, you can rest assured that you have attractive and practical tableware that is also totally natural and biodegradable. You can totally do away with the washing up because, as well as superb bamboo tableware, we also offer compostable disposable wooden cutlery. Planet friendly, party friendly and not a pair of water-wrinkled hands in sight. Click here to view our extensive range of biodegradable tableware today! 

Gobble Your ‘Glass’ Goblets

Have you ever ended a night of food, fun and good company buy scrubbing stubborn water stains off glasses? How about grafting to get red wine stains off the edges? Well, now that shouldn’t be a problem thanks to the clever innovation that is edible ‘glass’. Of course, these glasses aren’t actually made of glass, but they look like they are. In fact, they look great, do their job and offer no fuss if your guests are willing to gobble up their own. Easy.

Now, these three of Little Cherry's ideas are just the tip of the iceberg. In labs across the world, people are figuring out ways to incorporate 100% recycled and recyclable food packaging, as well as soluble food packaging, which would completely eliminate waste.

For now though, these three dinner party friendly ideas are a good place to start. So stock up, send the invites out and pop the oven on – there is a world of fun waiting and plenty of no-fuss dinner parties to be had!