Little Cherry Loves: Harvest Inspired Homes

Here at Little Cherry we love occasions of all shapes and sizes. Weddings, children’s parties or really anything that puts smiles on faces and brightens up the day.

Each season brings with it its own set of occasions and autumn is no different. As the nights draw in and the temperature drops, life moves inside and people start planning cosy dinner parties and sparkling soirees. Events like Halloween and Bonfire Night get people in the festive mood ready for big winter events like Christmas and New Year. Autumn isn’t just a stepping stone season though; it is full of fun times, vibrant colours and plenty of opportunities to embrace special occasions with a seasonal flair.

Of course, there is nothing more fun than organising themed parties. This is especially the case when you can get people of all ages involved with everything from apple-bobbing to making DIY decorations. To really enjoy what autumn has to offer all season long though, you should consider having a seasonally inspired home.

On some levels, our homes change with the seasons as a matter of course. Blankets are packed away, and rooms are kept light and airy in the spring and summer, whilst the winter calls for candles and cosy soft furnishings. It makes sense then that to make our homes feel fun, festive and seasonally appropriate, we should decorate them accordingly.

Now this doesn’t mean we need to break out a tin of paint and give our homes an overhaul every few months. It simply means we should accessorise with seasonally inspired decorations. But what does this mean for autumn?

Well, autumn is associated with rich golden, red and orange shades, warming scents and events like Harvest, Halloween and Bonfire Night. The latter two have their own distinctive themes and decorations, but having a harvest inspired home will be both festive and functional, and it will last the whole season without looking out of place.

So let’s look at just a few ways you can create a harvest inspired home this autumn.

Great Autumn Garlands

Garlands are a great way of dressing up a room. You can wrap them around banisters, drape them over fireplaces or hang them in windows and doorways. As for what to make an autumnal garland from, opt for natural materials like leaves, conkers and pinecones or flowers in autumnal shades. If you’d prefer reusable garlands, you can paint dry pasta with oranges and golden hues, string together some of our tissue paper pompoms or even use decorative bunting.   

Fun ‘Fall’ Wreaths

This seasonal decoration doesn’t have to be limited to the indoors. You can make your front doorstep fun and welcoming by placing an autumnal wreath on the door, so you feel festively warm and fuzzy the second you lay eyes on your house. You can be adventurous with your ‘fall’ inspired wreaths by embracing this wonderful season with a wreath made of garlic. You could also use black feathers with orange embellishments. Or, you can keep it natural with flowers and berries in rich, autumnal colours.

Stunning Harvest Centrepieces

A great deal of time is spent entertaining in the home, particularly during the colder months. As such, you need to make sure your living and dining areas look and feel the part. The simplest and most effective way to do this is with seasonal centrepieces. Harvest inspired centrepieces can be anything from bunches of marigolds and other flowers in autumn hues to displays of wheat, berries and pumpkins. Alternatively, you can use some stunning and sturdy bamboo tableware as a base for scented candles, pine cones and other natural goods in typically autumnal colours. Just be creative and make sure your centrepieces make a seasonal statement.

These three ideas are wonderful ways to bring your home to life this autumn. What’s more is that they are all quick, easy, effective and planet-friendly – perfect!  There’s plenty more inspiration out there though. From getting crafty with palm leaf plates to taking on complex projects for statement-making decorations, the sky is your limit when it comes to seasonal decorations around the home. So be creative, research countless craft sites and Pinterest boards, and have fun designing and decorating your harvest inspired home this autumn.