How to Live Green and Be Lean in Time for Summer

Summer is edging ever closer and as the season of bare skin and bathing suits, it’s around the time when people start panicking about those last few pounds and needing to be in shape for the next season. As far as exercise and activity is concerned, the mild days and lighter nights of spring are a welcoming relief from the dark winter conditions. You can get out and about on a lunchtime walk (every little helps) or start a running regime; some of you may even join a gym and make a real commitment to shaping up for summer. However, as the experts tell us time and time again, exercise is only half the battle. You also need to have a sensible eating plan in place, healthy lifestyle habits and the right frame of mind.

Here at Little Cherry we know how important it is to feel good in itsy bitsy bathing suits and feel as though you really deserve a 99p flake ice cream at the beach. This is why we have compiled the following ‘How To’ guide for living healthy and living green. We have included helpful tricks, tips and resources as well as a few suggestions for what Little Cherry products could help you along the way; that’s right, our party supplies can be part of your everyday healthy lifestyle too! So read on for our advice on living green and getting lean, just in time for summer.

  1. Exercise With A Smile

Exercise really is so important when it comes to shaping up. Yes, you may be one of the lucky ones who can shed pounds just by cutting out the junk food and doubling up the veggies but you need to improve your fitness and tone up at the same time for your body and health to properly benefit. You can start small with a couple of walks a day (morning, lunch and evening) or try out a class like Zumba or aerobics.

Or, you can even turn into a full-on gym bunny; whatever type of exercise you do, do it with a smile. That means picking something you enjoy (read: something you will look forward to and stick to) and being so proud of yourself that every time you work out you can’t help but beam! See here for 10 Fun Workout Ideas

  1. Eat Well But Eat Right

Next to exercise, the biggest factor of a healthy lifestyle is diet. Now, diet doesn’t mean “eat cardboard for 6 months and hope for the best”, it means what you choose to put in your body as fuel. Simple and straightforward, there are really only two main ‘rules’ when it comes to healthy eating; choose fresh foods, proteins and non-junk food items and watch your portion control.

In fact, these two rules work hand in hand as healthy eating requires you to have certain portions of certain food types each day. The easiest guide to follow is the three-part portion plate which shows you what proportion of each meal should be dedicated to whole grains, protein and vegetables. If you find it difficult to visualise these portions or if you are likely to get carried away, try our pre-portioned sugar cane plates – they do all the hard work for you!  

  1. Treat Yourself (but make it count)

Every now and then you’ll want something a bit naughty, especially as it gets warmer and sunnier. Anyone for ice-cream? Now, junk food may not be on the daily menu but it is impossible to completely deprive yourself and end up successful. So when you really feel the need for something naughty make it count. Being able to handle your treats is likely to make you appreciate it more and satisfy your craving.

For example, dishing up some quality ice cream topped with fresh berries in one of our fancy vintage ice cream tubs will seem like a real occasion – a one off naughty treat that actually feels naughtier than it is, but that’s what makes it all the more satisfying. Snack smart and treat yourself sensibly, making sure that it’s a treat and not a regular occurrence.

  1. Track Your Progress

If there is one thing that really motivates you to stick to a healthy lifestyle, it’s progress. Trying to keep track of the numbers (measurements, weights, losses) in your head can get messy so try to track your progress visibly. For example, a slate chalkboard won’t look out of place at home but it will allow you to track your progress in plain sight. By keeping your “current” measurements on one side and your “targets” on the other, you will be able to see yourself edging closer to your final goal. If you are aiming to lose inches then consider ditching the dreaded measuring tape and opt for compostable ribbon instead.

Put the ribbon around the part you want to measure (your midsection for example) and as you lose inches, cut the excess ribbon off and literally throw it in the dirt (it’s compostable after all). You’ll feel proud as you symbolically cut off the excess inches and eventually your ribbon will be a fraction of what it once was. If you are measuring and tracking several different parts of the body – hips, waist, legs and arms for example – why not colour code the ribbons so you don’t get muddled up?

  1. Find Inspiration Everywhere

As motivating as it can be to see your health improve and your shape transform, there will always be days when you need a little bit more inspiration. Don’t be afraid to surround yourself with inspirational messages and images. If there is a picture of you at your target weight, get it out and stick it up. If you need some motivational words, use pretty gift tags to write messages on and dot them around the house; they will offer you support but still look pretty and part of the décor. See here, here and here for motivational messages

In the same way that being green is a lifestyle choice, so is leading a healthy life. These are just a few ideas on how to start and stick to your healthy, green lifestyle. If you’ve got any tips to share then please do and if you are just about ready to start shaping up yourself, good luck! Live green, live lean.