Controversy around Chinese Lanterns

Chinese lanterns –effectively miniature hot-air balloons – have become a popular way to celebrate special occasions and many thousands have been happily sent off with no incidents reported.

However, following the recent incident at the Plastics Plant in Smethwick this weekend, we have decided to withdraw lanterns from sale on our website. 

Although lanterns have not been banned, the shadow environment secretary, Mary Creagh, said: “The government has spent £25,000 on a report into sky lanterns which found they are a significant fire risk, may hamper search and rescue services, and could pose a danger to aeroplanes. They also pose a risk to cattle that could be injured by them.” 

We (as many others have done) have become concerned that these items are not declared as fully safe, even when the instructions are followed in a responsible manner, and have been condemned by fire services and animal charities.

We take safety issues very seriously, so we will not knowingly sell any items which may be responsible for this level of threat to the environment and public safety.