About our Soft Toys

Our Range of Organic Soft Toys and Baby Comforters

Why will babies, toddlers and young children love Little Cherry's soft toys?
Because they are made of soft, natural fabrics. Because the design is simple and because they stimulate the child's imagination. Also the colours follow the latest trends. Parents will also be pleased that our cuddly toys are produced with respect for the environment.

Natural and safe
Natural fabrics are the basis of these soft toys – pure cotton and wool. The advantage of natural fabrics is that they easily absorb the mothers and the child's smell, as well as matching the temperature. All the toys are produced in an environmentally friendly way. Many of the toys retain the unaltered, original colour of the fabric used. All our coloured toys have been bleached without chlorine and are coloured with a responsible, non-metal dye. The manufacturers have been working closely with the same production studio for many years, ensuring good working conditions for the workers involved. It goes without saying that they do not make use of child labour.

Simple and Durable
The design of the toys is based on a baby's development. The child's creativity and imagination are stimulated by the simple design. Interestingly, the design of some of the toys are based on children's drawings.

All babies chew their toys – it's natural! So naturally, they took that into account when designing this range of soft toys – durable fabrics, no small parts and reinforced stitching. In addition to meeting and matching all required legal tests, the toys are also tested by a panel of children at a daycare centre.

We are sure your child will love them as much as we do!