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Biodegradable Balloons 100% Natural Latex

Our biodegradable balloons are made from natural latex; an organic material which is fully biodegradable They are also manufactured in the UK (unless stated otherwise in the product description)

We do not condone the practice of balloon releases, even with biodegradable balloons, as they pose a serious risk to wildlife and marine environments. You can read about the potential harm of even a small release here

We recommend that spent balloons should be disposed of in a responsible manner, either in a compost heap where they will have the best conditions in which to biodegrade within a few months, or in landfill waste where they will also break down safely.

Our range of natural rafia ribbon is compostable and dyed using natural dyes.

Combine balloons, streamers and ribbon for great value impact; making your planet friendly party room colourful and exciting is easy and inexpensive.

For branded events we can print them for you with logos, text or even images of your choice. They are a great value way of raising awareness for your cause.




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How Eco-Friendly is a Balloon Release?
Posted on 11th August 2015

Little Cherry loves a good party, and whilst we understand the allure of revelry, we also firmly believe in taking responsibility. This is especially the case when what we do in the name of fun has a direct and, in some cases, damaging effect on the surrounding wildlife, and the environment.

Balloon Printing Prices
Posted on 26th March 2013

Why not have your message or logo printed on biodegradable balloons? We offer a bespoke printing service at excellent value.....


Brighton Health Walks
Posted on 12th June 2013

We’ve posted previously about balloon printing and wanted to show you just how far this goes towards an event. 

Latex Balloon F.A.Q
Posted on 8th June 2007

 Latex Balloons: Frequently Asked Questions

What are balloons made of?

There are basically two types of balloons: Latex balloons and Foil balloons.

Latex balloons are made from the sap of rubber trees - a completely natural substance whereas foil balloons are made from nylon covered in aluminium, which takes much longer to degrade in the environment.

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