Wonderful Wedding Traditions: The Wedding Wishing Tree

In the spirit of wedding season – which seems to come earlier and earlier every year – we have decided to share some sweet ideas and traditions in our blog, to give you inspiration and help you make your big day extra special. Now whilst this particular post is centred on weddings, the ideas in it would actually work incredibly well at all sorts of parties and events, from big birthdays and anniversaries to family reunions and children’s parties (of course, if you choose to use any of these ideas at a children’s party, make sure you use robust rather than delicate materials!).

The feature idea of this post is the Wedding Wishing Tree. This is a Dutch wedding tradition that has become increasingly popular in the UK over recent years, partly because of its decorative abilities and partly because it is a sweet and delicate update on the traditional guest book.

What is a Wishing Tree?

The Wishing Tree originated in The Netherlands but has since become a favourite of brides and grooms all over the world because it gives their guests a chance to leave a loving message without having to stand in a snaking queue at the entrance with people looking over their shoulders. If it is not placed at the entrance to the reception, the tree itself also makes for an easy and sentimental centrepiece for the Top Table. It is usually placed between the bride and groom so it can be easily seen and easily accessed by the guests who want to put their ‘wishes’ on it.

Each wedding guest is given a gift tag threaded with a loop of ribbon (to hang), usually as part of their place setting. They are then instructed to write their name and the wish they have for the happy couple onto the tag, which they will later hang from a branch of the tree. Once the tree is full of everyone’s wishes, the bride and groom can read through the comments together and keep the tree as a decorative keepsake.

How do you make a Wishing Tree?

Wishing Trees are relatively simple to make (or buy!), especially as the majority of it is done by the guests who place their own wishes on the branches. If you choose to buy the tree itself, either as a purpose-built carved piece or an actual tree, you will only need to think about the labels and any extra embellishments you want to add, such as colour or trimmings. On the other hand, you can opt for a pocket and planet friendly DIY Wishing Tree with some basic materials and a little bit of crafting ability.

For more information on how to make your own Wishing Tree check out The English Wedding Blog.

So there you have a simple but effective way to add a sentimental statement piece to your wedding. Multipurpose as decoration, guest book and keepsake, the Wishing Tree is a superb addition to any wedding. What’s more is with easy-to-source green materials available for it, the Wishing Tree really is the ideal DIY wedding project.