Because we like trees.

And sunsets, and summer meadows full of flowers and wildlife and swimming in the sea and beaches not covered in horrible plastic.

And because the way that we keep consuming everything at the speed we do means that one day our children won’t experience the same pure, natural and free things.

There was once a time when being green meant wearing socks and sandals and having big scruffy hair and black thick rimmed glasses and stuff, but that’s not what happens anymore.

Being green or having a conscience just means that you need to think a bit harder about everyday choices… actually it means that you decide it’s a good thing to recycle and carry your own bags to the supermarket and use special light bulbs and walk to work if you live near enough, and shower in a bucket to flush the loo (only joking about the bucket thing but the rest is true!)

So if we all want to make an effort, how about extending that to the next party or event you have? Children’s parties are normally full of plastic plates, plastic cutlery, plastic tablecloths, plastic party bags and plastic toys. And the awful thing is that five minutes after the party, the whole lot is thrown in the bin, without a second thought, to sit there for thousands of years.

It stays there for years and years and years or it ends up in the sea clogging up the ocean and causing havoc with our animals. It might have brought thirty minutes of happiness to our precious children… but it still means it brings hundreds of years worth of sadness to our planet. And if we need our planet and our planet needs us, surely it would be a nice and friendly thing to do to try to be nice to everybody? Planet included.

So, here is one option.

A more eco-friendly party with much less plastic and much less landfill waste.

It makes so much sense. Biodegradable tableware and decoration options for weddings, children’s parties and all manner of fun festivals.

It’s a triple incentive really…

  • You are choosing gorgeous, high quality party supplies, which are sure to be commented on by your guests (just read some of our reviews on Trustpilot)
  • You are teaching our children about why we choose the products we do, and
  • You are helping the planet by reducing its plastic hangover – yay you! That’s amazing.

We hope you like the selection of party and event supplies we have brought together over the past ten plus years.

We also have a concern about the way in which products are manufactured. For example, our palm leaf tableware is made in India mostly by women in rural areas where our involvement means they can earn a second wage for their family. We think that’s wonderful news and we are really grateful for your support in making this happen.

We have done our best to keep the important issue of packaging at the forefront of our mind and none of our products are over-packaged. Our products are protected using a minimum of packaging (some of them travel a really long way by sea), our boxes are made from recycled board, our envelopes and jiffy bags are biodegradable and recyclable and we reuse lots of packaging from deliveries which have come to our warehouse or even our homes! Clever stuff really.

Here at Little Cherry HQ we have a small team of people who walk their talk every day. We run a green, paperless office, we recycle everything, we walk to work and we wear lots of jumpers instead of using the heating too high in the winter.

So, if you like what you see, please do tell a friend, or lots of them if you know lots of people, so we can spread the message and do our bit towards a sustainable future. We’d love you to sign up for our newsletter and our Facebook page so that we can stay in touch.

Your feedback is an important thing to us too, so if you can think of something that we haven’t got, please do get in touch. We are real people who always answer the phone, we are always friendly and willing to stop for a natter and a cup of tea and maybe a biscuit or two, so pick up the phone and give us a biscuit break!

We hope we can be of service to you very soon.

With love,
Sandra and her eco-elves x