Sweets for my Sweets, Sugar for my Honey

Sweets for my Sweets

Fully loaded ice creams, sorbets to refresh the palate, and cupcakes, pies and pastries galore; desserts are a big deal.
Of course, finding the best recipes and fashioning lots of delectable desserts is only half the battle. To ensure your dessert creations really have that ‘wow’ factor, you need to present them properly.  
Delicate embellishments, perfect plate placement and a good imagination all help to transform sugary treats into memorable examples of your skill in the kitchen…after all, presentation is everything right?
How do you keep on top of presentation when you have a large party to cater for, and eco-friendly palm leaf plates instead of troublesome china tableware? Well, you find versatile and attractive eco-friendly additions that can help turn your palm leaf platters, plates and bowls into spotlight-stealing displays.
Still struggling for ideas on how to dress up your palm leaf plates? Wondering what else you need, other than disposable wooden cutlery to eat with? Read on.
Start with the foundations…

Bamboo Sporks
Most people lay their spoons, forks and sporks on the table; we’re asking you to put your spork on the plate and incorporate it into your dessert design. How? Well, you can keep it simple to start with, weaving garnish through the prongs, and popping a scoop of ice cream or sorbet into the bowl of the spoon.  
Coconut Shells
Coconut shell bowls are a versatile and effective addition to any dessert plate. You can use them to serve up ice cream as an accompaniment to an assortment of pies, you can put your fruit salad in it, and they are even perfect for Pina Colada Cheesecakes.  
Wooden Cones
Our disposable wooden cones make for an interesting addition to any dish, adding visual appeal as well as a practical and versatile tool for presentation. You can use them purely for decoration, or you can place them like a cornucopia, filled with sweets, fruits, or fresh cream…and far less fuss that the puff pastry versions!
Inspired Idea: Upcycle old jam jars!
If you really want to put a green, but sweet, twist on dessert, try serving it in an upcycled jam jar. From jellies and sundaes, to cupcakes, pies and more…draw inspiration for jam jar dessert recipes here and here.  
Add the finishing touches…
Vintage Paper Straws
You can fake it 'til you make it with the right finishing touches. Get a jam jar, or an old glass (a sundae glass if you have one), fill it up with ice cream, and pop one of our paper straws in either side, with a cherry on top. And voila! A dessert that looks like a milkshake from a classic 1950s diner, but is actually 100% ice-creamy goodness.  
Decorative Picks
Our decorative picks are not only stylish and versatile, but they are also ethically sourced and eco-friendly. With designs varying from footballs and seahorses, to love hearts and flower buds, there's plenty to dress up every kind of dessert. So as well as chocolate shavings, sugar cages and wafers galore, use our picks, flags and skewers; great for everything, from ice cream to cupcakes.  
Seeded Paper Tags
Sometimes, delicious as they are, your desserts might need a little something extra. But if you find yourself thinking that edible embellishments would be too much, and leaving things as they are is not an option, we have a solution. Enter our seeded paper gift tags, which look pretty and work a treat with any dish.  
Inspired Idea: Fruity dessert fondue!
Fancy serving up a fruity sweet treat? Then a fruit fondue is ideal. You can use our bamboo picks and skewers to hold the fruit kebabs together whilst still getting messy with bowls (e.g. biodegradable ramekins, coconut shells, etc.) of chocolate and toffee sauce, as well as some old-school sprinkles, to finish off. The ultimate dessert for big kids and little ones alike.
Now, these are just some suggestions as to how you can present and decorate your desserts in a relatively easy, efficient and eco-friendly manner. We’re sure you’ll have plenty more ideas of your own, as well as lots of inspiration from other sauces, and even from browsing our products. Just let your imagination wander and get creative with your dessert displays, so you can serve your party with sweet eats that look as good as they taste!