Sustainable New Year’s Resolutions!

Sustainable New Years Resolutions!

Wow! It's that time of year again and time to make another set of New Years Resolutions which we are all likely to forget about before February comes around!

Lets make five simple and sustainable New Year Resolutions, which are so natural; you will forget they are a chore!

Take a Shopping Bag!

Put some in the car, hang one with your coat and tuck one in your handbag! With these gorgeous organic string bags it's easy to be eco-friendly and stylish!

Buy Fair Trade

With every supermarket and corner shop now becoming more aware and products becoming easier to source, buying Fair Trade has never been so easy – choose products with a conscience.

Buy Organic

Farmers Markets are becoming more popular and organic food is more affordable than ever before, not to mention the benefits choosing organic has on tastebuds and nutrients. Make it your rule, not your treat!

Turn Your Lights off

Now this one has to be the most simple yet have such an impact on your energy consumption, that it's my favourite! How many times have you been annoyed by shops that leave their lights on at night? Use timers if you need to, and remember to turn off the lights when you leave a room, and during the daytime.

Car Share

Ask around the office, and in the playground, make some posters with the kids! Who lives in your area? Let's reduce the amount of cars on the road and increase your social circle at the same time.

Ok, just one more! Make your next party eco-friendly!

Choose gorgeous eco-friendly party products from Little Cherry, educate our children for a sustainable future, and reduce the impact your next celebration has on the environment!