String It Up

String It Up

It’s no good letting loose and buying sparkly decorations on a whim, only to find they are of no use to the party’s vintage theme or the space in question. You need to think about which colours work best, whether you are trying to recreate a particular era or how much is too much for the room available.
This kind of consideration and planning means you need to think about the space from top to bottom, paying attention to all the little details in between. For some reason though, people tend to focus more on eye-level decorations than anything else; in some cases, treating the rest of the space as an afterthought.
Such decorative tunnel vision is a shame because when done right, what really sets one room apart from the other is what happens when you look up.
Lights, colours, textures; you have so much space to play with above everyone’s heads, where you aren’t constrained by table layouts and various practical aspects.
If you want to cover the ceiling in hundreds of balloons, you can, without worrying about your guests wading through. Similarly, if you want to bathe the room in soft lighting, you can hang fairy lights or lanterns safely at a sensible height, without having to accommodate everyone and everything else in the room.
Sometimes, these aerial details are barely noticeable, but as part of the bigger picture, when you take in the whole scene, these little touches can make all the difference. So don’t be afraid to string it all up and add some interest to the airspace above your shindig.
For some ideas on what you can hang, drape and trim with, read on with
Pom Poms

An easy way to turn a plain ceiling into a fun feature is to string tissue paper pom poms in a zig zag pattern. Just put some cord or beading string in a zig-zag running from one corner of the room to the other. Then, evenly space out the pom poms along the string, using one or several colours. Simple but effective, you will have transformed the space in a fun, chic, and eco-friendly way.

If you want to create some real ambience, either for a cosy evening on the decking or a romantic wedding reception, candles work a treat. Our organic tea lights are not just planet-friendly, they are party-perfect. Keeping sturdiness and fire safety in mind, you can pop up some hanging jars with tea lights in to create an enchanting ambience which, though simple, is highly effective.

The cotton bunting we use for tea parties and street parties is a versatile trimming. It is robust, long-lasting and looks great. You can opt for block colours, summery gingham or floral prints, and even elegant choices like satin and pure white cotton. Of course, to mix it up a little or simply add a retro edge, you can brighten up the place with paper fan bunting. Whether you go for traditional flag bunting or paper bunting in different designs, you will be pleased with just how easily you can change the feel and aesthetic by hanging a few strands up.
Fairy Lights

An alternative to actual candles, stringing fairy lights in a web across the ceiling (or even to create a luminous ceiling) can create a real party feel. You can string them up around your cushion-filled conservatory, for a cosy and comfy night in with friends, or you can drape them around your dancefloor so guests can waltz under a would-be starlit sky. However you incorporate this pretty lighting option, you will notice how easily they change the mood, making them a wonderful tool for ambience. Just remember to opt for LED lights, which are more energy-efficient, and thus, more eco-friendly.

Last but not least, you can string up bric-a-brac for a fun but personal touch. You can use cord and painted (or plain) wooden clothes pegs to hang old photos, postcards you’ve collected, and even old scarves. Just make sure that everything is strung up high enough above everyone to ensure your guests see what’s hanging, without banging into it. This is a quick and easy way to create unique hanging decorations, and for certain occasions (weddings/birthdays/baby showers), can add that all-important special touch.   
Of course, the sky is the limit when it comes to decorating your home or party venue. You can use these five ideas as inspiration, or you can let your imagination run; stringing up unique and unusual decorations can work just as well as hanging traditional ones. Just have fun and don’t neglect the airspace above the main event!