Planet-Friendly Festival Gear

Planet-Friendly Festival Gear

Those of you getting your sunglasses and wellie boots ready for this summer’s festivals will know all too well how much planning, preparation and logistical genius has to go into festival life. Everything from the tent and toiletries to food and drink has to be carefully packed and lugged around by you. If you can’t carry it, you don’t take it.
Of course, some things will only need carrying once in and once out because they can stay at the campsite. But things like food and drink might have to come with you whilst you make a day of it. As such, you’ll need to minimise the effort needed, waste produced and negative effects on the environment.
Now, there’s lots of ways to streamline your festival packing, whether that’s finding multi-use items or packing your bag to optimise space and efficiency. For now though, let’s take a look at how Little Cherry can help…
Handy Recyclable Picnic Hampers

Instead of trying to figure out how to wash plastic picnic ware in your tent, take our recyclable picnic hampers. Everything you need tucked neatly in one box, and all green and sustainable.
Stay Hydrated with Compostable Cups

When you’re outside in the sun all day long, dancing, shouting, and generally being excited, you need to stay hydrated. Bottles can work well, but sometimes you want to sip something a little more civilised. And that’s where our compostable cups and paper straws come in.
In Case of Emergency: Disposable Cutlery

If you’re more likely to bulk buy salads from the grocery store or demolish whatever it is the food trucks are serving, go prepared. If everyone has one or two of these sets, they’ll never be caught short with a curry they have no spoon for, or a meat dish they just can’t cut into manageable bites.
Bring Bright and Breezy Cotton Bags

These little bags are not only eco-friendly, but also very practical. They are light enough to pop in your backpack, and you can safely store things like jewellery, change, hay fever tablets or travel-sized makeup in there. In fact, if you have anything small that needs secure and safe storage for the duration of a festival, these little bags are ideal.
Bunting Marks the Spot

You’re in a sea of tents, having traipsed up and down, in desperate need of a cuppa and some peace and quiet. Of course, everyone else is looking for their temporary home too, and it’s only now that you realise, everyone went and got the same tent. Which one is yours? Well, how about using a mark, which you and your fellow festival-goers will recognise from miles off. Bunting is a great option because it is lightweight, easy to hang up, and available in various bright and distinctive colours. You can even find some to suit the style of festival, such as our beach design, floral cottage motif, or simply vibrant colours.
And there you have five ways Little Cherry can save the day this summer with planet-friendly festival gear. Of course, you will have to play it smart and be economical with what you take, so as not to overload yourself. Bear in mind though that as much as you don’t want to be caught short, you don’t want to create more waste than absolutely necessary.
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