Make your own Party Bags!

Make your own Party Bags!

If you want to try a fun activity at the party and recycle at the same time – why not get the kids involved in making their own party bags from newspaper, magazines, old wrapping paper or a colourful picture they have drawn before hand? You could even make your own paper prior to the party and create really bespoke bags which match your theme and colour scheme!
You will need:
Cello tape
One sheet of paper per child
A box to wrap the paper around – this needs to be the sixe you would like your bags to turn out
Some raffia, ribbon or string for the handles – or strips of paper, two for each child
Some stickers, glitter or stars to decorate
How to do it:

  1. Take your sheet of paper and fold in one side, run a line of glue down the edge and secure with cello tape if required.


  1. You might need to do this part for the children if they are very young: Place your box inside the paper and wrap the paper around it, folding in the outside edge and securing with glue and a small piece of cello tape, if required


  1. Turn the box so the raw edge is facing you, push the top edge down so you have two triangle shapes to the sides.


  1. Fold the triangles in towards the middle and the bottom flap up, secure with glue and a small piece of cello tape, if required – imagine you are wrapping a present.


  1. Pull the box out the open end of your bag   party-bag-8.jpg
  2. Pinch the sides to create a crease down each side, you will find that the bottom edge folds in by itself so you are able to flatten the bag out


  1. Now re-open it and attach your handles with small pieces of cello tape


  1. The children can now decorate their hand made, recycled party bags with the glitter, stars or stickers – or you could leave them as they are!


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