Little Cherry’s Quick Tips For A Green Wedding

Planning a wedding is a big deal. There are a million and one things to consider, from the big decisions to the smallest of details. Some people choose to hand this planning hassle over to a seasoned professional and others roll their sleeves up and get stuck in themselves.

When you are planning an eco-friendly wedding, the decisions get a little easier because you know what you are looking for. However, knowing which bits to focus your green efforts on can be a bit of a grey area when you’re already wrapped up in pre-marital madness.

That is why Little Cherry has compiled this quick list of five tips for an easy, chic and fabulously green wedding. Read on for more.

Pick Planet Friendly Materials

Half the battle of having a green wedding is sourcing the right materials. There is a whole host of ethical, eco-friendly, organic and recyclable party supplies available, from naturally sourced and organic wedding attire to the compostable palm leaf plates and biodegradable decorations right here at Little Cherry. Some ideas for planet friendly materials are:

  • Organic and ethically sourced wedding dress/suit
  • Wooden (rather than plastic) chairs and tables, topped with eco-friendly, compostable palm leaf tableware
  • A cloth or cotton marquee instead of a plastic one (weather permitting)
  • Chalkboards of all sizes instead of printed sheets for place settings, signs and instructions
  • Candles, solar garden lights and eco-friendly LED lights for mood lighting

All For Organic

Whether you are having a four course sit down meal or an easy evening buffet, the menu is one of the most important aspects of any wedding. That is why it is important to set a good green example with the food and drink you offer to your guests. From the canapés to the wedding cake, you are best sourcing ethical ingredients; perhaps you can even invest in the services of a local caterer with green credentials. Even flowers can be ethically sourced from eco-friendly suppliers. Here’s how to focus on green and organic items:

  • Source food from organic farms and suppliers; some caterers will offer green and organic services too. If possible, try to opt for local, organic and artisan food
  • Drink is just as important as food. You can source organic everything, from wine to coffee
  • Choose flowers that are not farmed en masse for floristry. Wildflowers and other natural, rustic plants are best because their species are robust. Talk to florists and ask questions to ensure you aren’t getting heavily processed, unnaturally modified flowers

Go For Green ’N’ Chic Venues

If you aren’t committed to a certain venue and you want to mix tradition with your eco-friendly beliefs then seek out an eco-friendly wedding venue. They come in all shapes and sizes; from those that offer a complete green package to those that make an effort to be greener – you may even find venues willing to let you take control and be as green as you like. Some tips for green venues are:

  • Check out the multitude of online directories, especially those that offer information and reviews on eco-friendly wedding venues
  • Cater to your budget. If you want to go green for less then simply take your wedding outside. Nature is the best decoration anyway and a backyard wedding with a stunning natural backdrop is simple but effective
  • Be brave and practical. Winter weddings can go outside (for the most part – rethink in blizzard conditions!). You just need to think practically about shelter and warmth. Source warm green items like outdoor fuel-friendly heaters and waterproof and weatherproof marquees

Make An Eco-Friendly Entrance (and Exit)

The bride’s entrance is always a big deal, but the entrances and exits play a big part in general. Traditional wedding cars are iconic but since the world has become more environmentally conscious, they have become less and less popular. There are plenty of eco-friendly options out there though:

  • If you are by a lake or river then consider a rowing boat. A private paddle and picnic can be the perfect mid-event escape for newlyweds. Plus there’s no emissions and plenty of romance associated with this mode of transport
  • A country wedding is not complete without a horse-drawn carriage or cart. Of course, a quirkier option is his and hers’ bicycles decorated with ‘Just Married’ regalia
  • Should you be tying the knot in the city, encourage your guests to use public transport. It is kinder to the environment and it will save everyone the stress of finding a parking space

Love Your Leftovers

Just like any party, a wedding can have lots of leftovers. Once the memories are made, it is time to take stock of the things left behind – such as flowers and food – that won’t last forever.

  • Food can be donated to homeless shelters or packed up and handed out to family members who are busy, elderly or ill
  • Flowers can be passed onto others to brighten their day
  • Leftover decorations can be stored away and used for other events, shared with others hosting their own events or disposed of (greenly) on compost heaps and in recycling bins

So there you have a few simple tips for planning an eco-friendly wedding. Of course there is plenty of inspiration out there; blogs, directories and countless Pinterest boards are fantastic sources of inspiration, especially for DIY wedding projects. Check out our inspiration boards here.

In the end though, creating your perfect eco-friendly wedding day comes down to a little imagination, a lot of passion and some collaboration with green suppliers.

To start your planet friendly wedding planning off, browse our site for green supplies and get in touch with Little Cherry today.