Little Cherry Loves: Scrumptious Seasonal Treats

Here at Little Cherry, we happen to think there is something to celebrate whatever the season. It doesn’t matter if it is clear skies and 30 degrees outside, or if we are snowed in and our toes are turning blue; the best way to make the most of every single season is to celebrate it.

What can you celebrate when it’s wet, cold and windy though? Well, aside from being home to some of the biggest holidays – Halloween, Bonfire Night and Christmas – the autumn and winter months are the ideal time to enjoy heart-warming foods and seasonally inspired treats.

You’ll probably agree that food plays a big part in any (and all) celebrations, but there is something especially comforting about the food on offer in the colder months. Rich and warming soups and stews, comfort foods like cakes and cookies, and scrumptious hot beverages like spiced apple cider and hot chocolate all make an appearance; keeping us occupied and satisfied, even in the face of Jack Frost himself.

In honour of the tasty treats we have to look forward to over the next few months, we have gathered a handful of our favourite seasonal cupcake recipes. There’s nothing too fancy here, and they all taste beautiful – whether you faff around with the finishing decorative touches or not (though it is always an extra special treat to eat something that looks as sweet as it tastes!). So read on, pick your favourite cupcake recipe and get ready to dig in.

Salted Caramel Cupcakes
Salt and caramel. It doesn’t sound like the most natural of pairings, but it is a perfectly balanced blend of two distinctive flavours. In fact, you could call it the Ying and Yang of sweet and savoury. This combination works in hot drinks, in sweet treats, in lip balms – you name it. To see how to make your own batch of salted caramel cupcakes, click here.  

Pumpkin Spice Cupcakes
If there was one fruit or vegetable synonymous with autumn, it would have to be the iconic orange pumpkin. With the scary faces it pulls on Halloween, the delicious pies and soups it makes and the general feeling of “autumness” it creates, it is the epitome of this time of year. Now, adding a little spice to your pumpkin can transform this fruit into a wonderful wintry warmer. To see how it’s done in cupcake form, see this recipe.

Toffee Apple Cupcakes
No November is complete without the golden glow of a bonfire, the pop and sparkle of a fireworks display and the smell of hot chocolate and toffee apples. In its purest form, the crispy freshness of a Granny Smith’s covered in the crunchy sweetness of toffee or caramel is a flavour to warm the heart and bring a smile to your face; in cupcake form though, it is far more readily available and equally as enjoyable. See here for instructions to make your own toffee apple flavoured cupcakes.

These few recipes are a great start if you want to test the tastes of autumn and winter. If you plan on throwing any parties this season – be it for a specific holiday, or simply just because – then you may want to make these cupcakes as a sort of party favour. They would look (and smell) fantastic displayed on one of our heart-shaped palm leaf plates or platters. You could even pop them in a party bag along with some of our disposable wooden cutlery and a charming biodegradable napkin. Failing that, you can just bake a batch and munch on them yourself with a cup of tea, beside a roaring fire.