Little Cherry Loves: Quick ‘N’ Easy Cupcake Toppers

Little Cherry Loves: Quick ‘N’ Easy Cupcake Toppers

Oh, cupcakes.
They are BIG news these days. Brides everywhere are swapping three tiers for stacks of gourmet cupcakes, people are losing themselves in red velvet love stories, and we are all falling over ourselves to get to the Hummingbird Bakery.
Of all the baking delicacies out there, cupcakes seem to have captured our hearts, minds and taste buds more than anything else – and they look set to stay at the top of the party food chain. With every imaginable flavour available, evermore imaginative decoration used, and continuous growth in popularity, they are ideal for pushing boundaries and putting smiles on faces.
If you don’t fancy the Hummingbird Bakery, you need a way to jazz up shop-bought baked goods, or you just need some inspiration when it comes to creating your own cupcake masterpieces, read on.
We have listed a few ways you can use our eco-friendly tableware and party products to decorate, embellish and display your cupcakes like a pro. From specific themes to simply adding a bit of interest, there is so much you can do to transform these tasty treats and create somewhat of a focal point.
See some of our quick and easy cupcake topper ideas below.
Stick to the theme

The likelihood is your party is themed. As such, your cupcakes will need to be appropriately decorated, and this is where our wooden picks come in. Whether you need rosebuds for a garden party, seahorses for under the sea or footballs for a sporty motif, we have themed bamboo sticks to hand to suit.
Keep it simple

Sometimes less really is more, and you can keep it simple with your cupcake toppers. You can opt for a nautical or vintage effect with little stripey flags, or you can stick with the basics and use bamboo deli sticks, either to label the cupcakes or to decorate in keeping with the rest of the party. Either way, this kind of topper will set off your icing a treat.
Go low-key

You can decorate your cupcake effectively without too much effort. Our coconut shell bowls are ideal for serving your cupcakes in, and if you want to keep the tropical theme going, find a nice flower to pop atop the icing. Just make sure you check it is a safe or edible flower, check here!
Top with a toy

For kids’ cupcakes, get creative with some of our wooden party bag fillers. You can put a wooden bracelet around the base of the cupcake, or you can stick a wooden bookmark in it instead of a skewer. This is a great child-friendly way to top your cupcake – and providing it’s not too sticky, the kids are left with a party favour afterwards.
Pretty it up

Sometimes, you just want to make your cupcakes pretty. It might be that you have a special event where pretty embellishments fit in, or it could be that you want a change from the same old icing. Our biodegradable ribbons and seeded paper tags are perfect for tying around your cupcake or resting on top. Simple, but very effective.
These are just a few quick and easy cupcake toppers you could use. They are by no means the only way to spruce up your red velvet or decadent double chocolate bites, but they will make maximum impact with minimal effort.
Of course, you can be as creative and experimental as you like when it comes to topping your cupcakes; you just need a bit of imagination and the right tools. Check out different bakery and party blogs or even the endless Pinterest boards out there for inspiration.
As for planet-friendly and cupcake-perfect toppers, take a look around our website. We have everything from pretty skewers to pop in the top to palm leaf plates for serving. So start baking, get decorating and have fun devouring your easy-bake treats.