Little Cherry Loves: Bamboo Tableware

Here at Little Cherry we have a real passion for all things eco-friendly, but we are always particularly inspired by those things that are chic and versatile in addition to being green. We pride ourselves on our wide range of quality, well-designed and well-made planet friendly party supplies. Being green is such an important aspect of modern life and we enjoy showing people that they can still have fun when making eco-friendly choices, but that doesn’t mean Little Cherry is only here for party supplies.

Part of being eco-friendly is looking at the world differently and being creative with what you have and what you do; it’s as easy as it’s ever been to reuse and recycle, but what about upcycling or using an eco-friendly item for something other than its original purpose? These approaches are just as important as popping your takeaway coffee cup in a recycling bin.

Little Cherry offers all sorts of wonderful eco-friendly products and whilst they’re all geared towards parties and special events, many of them are multipurpose which means with a little creativity, they can be used as everyday household items and accessories.

To give you some idea of what we mean, we’ve put together a little list of three products and three different ways they can be used. Today we have chosen bamboo tableware which is something we love because it is versatile, durable and stylish. So read on and see why you should fall in love with Little Cherry’s bamboo tableware too!

The 3-in-1 Dip Tray

  • Tasty Treat Tray: Whether you pop a few nuts and pretzels out for people to snack on or throw a fajita night, this three part dip tray will work a treat. It looks smart and can be used as is or as a stand for small pots of dips and nibbles.
  • Decorative Display: If you are looking for something that will work well with your home décor but will still be practical, this tray is a fabulous base for things. If you have three upcycled bottles or square bottomed vases with flowers in, this tray will complete the display.
  • Hallway Holdall: The hallway of any home is a busy little place and after a long day it is easy to just dump everything down on the nearest surface. With this subtle little tray though, you can keep your hallway table looking neat and organised as everyone will be able to keep their keys in one compartment, loose change in another and a memo block in the third. Pretty and practical!

Large Plates

  • Perfect Party Plate: Whether you are throwing a party, firing up the barbecue or setting off on a picnic, bamboo plates are ideal. They look like the real thing and they are sturdy enough to deal with heavy-duty dining, hot food and travel. Plus, they are eco-friendly which makes them even better!
  • Homemade Mail Holder: Once again, the hallway is a home’s main thoroughfare and as well as watching people pass through on a regular basis, it also welcomes all incoming mail. Now imagine having a designated spot for mail so that whoever is home first, it doesn’t matter because the mail will be picked up and placed on in one central location. A large bamboo plate makes this one location easy to define and decorative to boot! You can leave it plain and neutral or you can decorate it to fit your home’s scheme. Either way, a bamboo plate is a useful tool for families popular with the postman.
  • Clever Craft Piece: A little more sturdy than the average paper plate, a bamboo plate make an excellent multipurpose arts and crafts tool. One plate could be used as a paint palette whilst the other could be used as somewhere to rest dirty brushes. Bamboo plates even make amazing canvasses so you’ll be able to gather kids and grown-ups alike and get them to paint a plate, either according to a theme or by letting them go freestyle.

Bambu Lacquerware Bowls (coloured or natural)

Beautiful Serving Bowls: Bambu bowls look great by themselves but filled with fruit or salad, they look stunning. Popped on a countertop or in the middle of a dinner table, coloured Bambu bowls really do inject a pop of colour into the room.

Creative Centrepieces: Whether for parties or for everyday decorative use, you can fill these bowls with flowers, pout pourri, sand, stones and candles. If you’re feeling particularly creative then you could incorporate all sorts such as feathers, flowers, ribbon, lace and anything else lying around that you can upcycle.

Stunning Storage: These bowls are ideal for bedroom, bathroom and kitchen storage. You can pop one on your bedside table for your phone, jewellery and reading glasses or keep toiletries neat and tidy in the bathroom. In the kitchen you could use the bamboo bowls as a soap dish or as extra countertop storage for odds and ends. Wherever you put it and whatever you put in it, Bambu bowls will look stylish and smart.

That’s just three of the reasons why Little Cherry loves bamboo tableware. Of course, these are just some of the fantastic Little Cherry products you can put to good use all day, every day. There are plenty more where they came from, so have a look through and let your creativity run wild; what eco-friendly items could you transform and how?