Little Cherry: Eco-Philosophies

 Our Eco-Philosophies

Our environment is precious to us all and fragile – it is already changing around the world as a result of the way we consume resources.

Unfortunately children's parties are, by default, created using mostly disposable products which contribute to this problem and, until now, Mum's have not had the luxury of choice when it comes to organising an eco-friendly children's party.

It has never been so important to reduce our waste, re-use items wherever we can and recycle as much as possible. We believe that with the right choice, mums can take the lead – by teaching these valuable lessons to our children they will grow up with a thoughtful and respectful attitude to the environment which will continue into the future. We believe its time to lead by example.

We have sourced all of our products with this philosophy in mind, and have chosen to sell only those products which meet our criteria of being recycled or recyclable, sustainable, re-usable or biodegradable. Where possible, our products are also organic and we have chosen to source many products in the UK to support small UK businesses like ourselves.

Unfortuantely no one product meets all these criteria, but all products meet at least one, which we believe supports our philosophy of being eco-friendly and offering an alternative way of holding a children's party, whilst being mindful of the environment.

We have also kept the important issue of packaging at the forefront of our mind and none of our products are over-packaged. Where possible, our products are protected using biodegradable PLA, our boxes are made from recycled board, our packaging tape is recyclable and produced from silicone free paper with natural adhesive and our protective chips are biodegradable, fully compostable and manufactured from annually renewable resources.

We hope you enjoy our products, and would love suggestions about products you may have found which meet our eco-friendly philosophies, please email us at