How To Be A Lean, Green, Barbecuing Machine

How To Be A Lean

Before you break out the burgers though, think about how your summer cooking choices can impact the environment. The smoke and all the nastiness it contains, the use of fossil fuels for energy and the various implications of wasteful food habits should all be something you’re aware of and trying to avoid.
That is why have listed the five tips below. From picking the perfect grill to finding the right food, read on and see how to be a lean, green, barbecuing machine this summer.
Shrink your grill’s footprint
A major part of the barbecue is, of course, the grill itself.
Now, there is an unfathomable variety of different grill types available. On top of the usual choice between gas and charcoal, you have to decide if you want your grill to be a kettle, a cart, a barrel, and so on.
Then you have to decide which end of the spectrum your grill should be on; do you want a get-the-job-done brazier grill or a super-duper-drool-inducing beast?
Of course, you also need to consider which option is best for the environment. Top tips for choosing a green grill include swapping charcoal for gas and switching propane for natural gas which is far cleaner to burn. The grill itself should be cast iron, stainless steel, or ceramic. But you also have grills that make the most of green technology, such as infrared or solar-powered grills. For more on how to choose, use and maintain your grill see here.
Do it yourself!
Doing things yourself, instead of relying on store-bought and chemical-laden quick fixes can not only enhance your grilling experience, but it can also help the environment.
When it comes to prepping the grill, steer clear of chemical sprays and rub the grill with a halved onion instead. As for starting the grill, be patient. It might take a few extra minutes for your barbecue to get up and running, but the extra time is worth it.
Lighter fluids and self-lighting coals are harmful to the environment because they release dangerous petrochemicals, so play it safe and wait for the grill to heat up unaided.
Be efficient
When barbecuing, be efficient with everything. Time, energy, effort; efficiency where all of these are concerned is paramount if you want a fuss-free and eco-friendly barbecue.
In terms of time, use it wisely. Prep everything from the salad and sides to the meat marinades and kebab skewers in advance…before you even light up the grill. By having everything prepped, ready and to hand, you won’t waste time or fuel like you would if you were faffing and the barbecue was already burning.
Be conscious of keeping your grilling energy efficient. Don’t let your barbecue preheat too long or you will be burning fuel and wasting energy unnecessarily (5-10 minutes should be long enough). Similarly, think about how you will cook things.
Instead of spacing the meal out in endless waves of food, fill the grill and cook as much as possible at once. All of your corn, jacket potatoes and buns can go on together, and you can place burgers and sausages neatly so more will fit on. Tah-dah! Efficient grilling.
Find ethical eats
The one thing you need for a barbecue, other than the barbecue, of course, is food. Lots of tasty morsels and chargrilled meat, with lashings of sauces and sides…
Well. For starters, try to be sensible with your portions. There is no need to buy and cook more than anyone will ever eat because all of that food will go to waste. As well as being sensible with the amount of food though, you should also make an effort to be responsible.
Opt for organic vegetables, freshly-baked bread from the local farmers’ market and meat that has been raised ethically. By making these smart choices with your barbecue shopping list, not only will your food taste and feel better (a green and clean conscience is good for the appetite!), but you will also be making a difference on a wider scale.
In addition to sourcing ethical eats, be mindful of packaging. Does it come in paper bags that can be recycled? Or excesses of plastic wrapping? Sometimes packaging can’t be avoided, but paying attention won’t do you any harm.
Pick planet-friendly party ware
Last but not least, you need to lay the table right. Once the grub is grilled, and the sides are served, everyone will be ready to tuck in. To do this though, they will need sturdy cutlery and tableware, not to mention glasses and cups for ice cold refreshments.
After slaving over a hot grill though, the thought of standing there and washing up everyone’s dishes won’t be too appealing. So, take a look at what planet-friendly party ware options are available.
You can start off with our range of disposable and biodegradable tableware, which not only looks great, but also provides you with quality dishes that can be popped on the compost heap when everybody’s done, with minimal fuss.
We also have wooden cutlery, including picks and skewers, as well as biodegradable glasses and compostable cups, with straws and serviettes for that extra special finishing touch. Green, clean and easy…planet-friendly party ware is a good-looking alternative to your everyday dinner service!
Armed with these five tips, you will be able to enjoy a green grilling experience this summer. So stock up on eco-friendly everything and start making sensible choices, then fire up and chow down!