Halloween Party Games

Halloween Party Games

We were thinking about how to theme some fun games for Halloween, and came up with some Halloween Party games which are a twist on some popular party games!:

Pin the Stem on the Pumpkin

This would also work for pin the witch on the broom, pin the arm/leg on the skeleton, pin the spider on the cobweb, pin the stem on the apple – a fun Halloween theme for a traditional children's party game.

Ring the Pumpkin

A Halloween theme for a classic game of rings! Simply set the children up with five or so rings, place small pumpkins or apples a few feet away and see how many they can ring!

Halloween Treasure Hunt

Simple, yet effective. Use Halloween themed treasure and give each child an orange or black paper party bag to use as their loot bag. Alternatively, Little Cherry have some gorgeous Halloween themed party bags, which would double up as treasure bags for the Trick or Treat outing.

Haunted Halloween Box

Ooooohhhh! We got really rather excited coming up with this one! A Halloween take on this traditional guessing game, you really could get creative with the contents of the box! Use a cardboard box wrapped in black fabric, with a slit cut across the top. The idea is that the children have to put their hand in and guess what is inside the box.

How about cold noodles as worms, or oily olives as eyeballs or angel delight as brains? Yuk! The kids will love it!

Mummy Wrap Relay

Divide the children into teams, the teams that wraps the mummy first is the winner! Crepe paper would work here – try black crepe paper and orange crepe paper to work with the Halloween Theme.

Bobbing for Apples

A traditional Halloween Party Game that is always sure to delight – make sure you have lots of towels nearby!