Get Green This September

Get Green This September

But if you’re looking for something to celebrate this September, allow us to make some suggestions. Read on and see why September is one of the greenest months, and what excuses you’ve got to do something fun for it!
15th September is Greenpeace Day

Let your inner environmental enthusiast out with a celebration on Greenpeace Day.
The organisation is famous for raising awareness and making a difference, everywhere from the rainforests to the Arctic circle. They were founded in Vancouver nearly fifty years ago (1971), and the Alaskan city now celebrates the day in style.
So why don’t you can take a leaf out of their very green book?
Organise a family-oriented outdoor festival, plant trees (or Seedboms), and do your best to educate and enthuse people of every age about planet-friendly practices. And if you want something a little more small-scale, throw a party with our planet-friendly and party-perfect disposable tableware.
16th September is World Ozone Day

In 1987, the Montreal Protocol was signed, and seven years later, in 1994, the day marked the first celebration of World Ozone Day.
This day aims to raise awareness of the Ozone’s depletion and highlight the hunt for solutions. So take the chance to encourage your kids to learn more about the environment for the day, looking into the science behind the ozone and how things are likely to look if the pace of pollution and depletion keeps up.
22nd September is World Car Free Day

A convenient, warm, reliable, and flexible form of transport. Also known for pollution, noise, danger and laziness. The car is very much a two-sided coin, and for all the good it does in our day-to-day lives, every now and then it is a good idea to take our foot off the pedal and just breathe.
This day is the ideal excuse to do just that, helping us to press the pause button on pollution and give the planet (and ourselves) chance to breathe deeply and take in the clean air, whilst exploring surroundings by foot or by bike.
27th September is Crush A Can Day

Celebrate Crush A Can Day…with a twist.
Instead of jumping on the bandwagon and enjoying the sheer thrill of crushing your own soda can, why not go green with it?
Take the opportunity to learn about and promote recycling. Little ones can research how recycling works and how it benefits the environment. You can even throw a dinner party in celebration of a crushed can’s afterlife, with our fantastic recycled aluminium tableware range.
And there you have just a few great green days to keep you busy this September. So now there’s no excuse not to think planet-friendly, nor is there an excuse not to throw a party. Get celebrating!