Eat, Live, Sleep Green: The Eco Picnic


Here at Little Cherry, we love autumn as much as the next boots-and-chunky-cardigan lover, but our heart remains with summer. So in a world that celebrates recycling and re-using products, make your autumnal feast a green, eco-friendly picnic – our range of bamboo disposable plates is ideal for the re-usable picnic set of your dreams.

Reduce, Re-use, Recycle

Our top tips for keeping your late summer picnic as green as possible:

  • Stay local; don’t drive, choose to use public transport or cycle where possible. Enjoy nature the way it was intended.
  • Choose fresh, local produce that keeps local farmers in business and cuts down on CO2 emissions from transporting essentials around the world.
  • Keep pets on leads and respect the local wildlife and their habitat.
  • Clean up after yourself, it doesn’t take much effort.
  • Use re-usable, recyclable picnic sets, such as our bamboo tableware.
  • Finger food cuts down on the use of cutlery.
  • Recycle. Your waste, your food and water,  your disposable party plates if they’re dirty enough!

It’s simple and easy, and you will feel like recycling, eco-friendly royalty for doing it.

Why Not?

So, why is it so important that we use a green picnic setwhen we can buy a standard set that will last much longer? Not only will your bamboo tableware last as long as you take care of it, but coming in bulk packs gives you the flexibility to cater for more people, on numerous occasions. If you break a plate or a bowl, it’s not the end of the world, and your set won’t be missing a key piece. Most importantly, when you are done with your bamboo disposable plates, bowls and cutlery, you can recycle them, too – giving back to nature in the best way possible.
Of course, our range of disposable plates can be more than just a picnic set. They are good for parties or gatherings, and have incredible strength and endurance compared to standard disposables. Why wait to get into an eco-friendly way of life? Let Little Cherry help you on your way today.