Brad Pitt: The Unexpected Wedding Crasher

Imagine you have everything sorted for your wedding day and every detail has been meticulously planned right down to the wedding bunting. Everything is perfect and after a wonderful ceremony with your dashing husband you retire for your reception only to be greeted by an unexpected guest…movie heart-throb Brad Pitt.

Though it may sound like a bride’s wildest fantasy this was the scene when newlyweds, Abi and Daniel Lingwood, spotted the star taking a break from filming his latest film in the Buckinghamshire hotel hosting their reception.  

Brad, famous for roles in Fight Club, Ocean’s Eleven and appearances in the well-known Friends and True Romance, was reportedly full of congratulations for the happy couple and even posed for photos. Much to the bride’s delight and the husband’s quiet jealousy, he told the bride she looked beautiful in her dress.

Blushing bride Abi told the Metro: “It all started when my husband said to me Brad Pitt was at the bar and that I had to go with him. So he dragged me across the hotel. I thought he was joking. Brad said it wasn’t a problem and said lovely things like congratulations and I hope you have had a great day and let’s have a picture. He was lovely and said I looked nice in my dress.”

Unfortunately, Brad was called away to a meeting with film producers upstairs in the hotel, but the couple reportedly saw him once again in the lobby the following morning. No doubt, his appearance will be a talking point for years to come!

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