Bonkers for Bunting

Bonkers for Bunting

You see, when we throw shindigs, it’s not all about cake laden disposable party plates or questionable music choices. It’s about bringing the whole thing together with careful planning and iconic decorations, like bunting.
There is a longstanding history of bunting-loving in the UK, stretching right from its 17th-century beginnings all the way into the 21st century bunting resurrection we’re currently experiencing. Simple as it may be, bunting is a versatile, charming and quintessentially British sort of finishing touch, and that is what has kept it in our hearts and minds for centuries.
This particular style of decoration has featured in many of the nation’s most significant events, like Royal Weddings, Jubilees and iconic celebratory street parties. Today though, they are found in shop windows, bedrooms and shabby chic homes up and down the country, as well as at soirees of all shapes and sizes.
But why do we Brits go so bonkers for bunting?
Well, everyone will have their own thoughts, but there are a few defining features that make bunting an all-round favourite for almost all of us. So read on to see why you should fall in love with flags and go bonkers for bunting – if you haven’t already, that is!
Easy on the Eyes

First and foremost, bunting looks good. It doesn’t matter whether you string white cotton bunting above the bed with fairy lights, thread lace bunting throughout a wedding venue, or drape bright child-friendly bunting around your little one’s playroom; it will make a statement, whilst keeping an element of cosiness too.


Of course, for those of you with big hearts and green tendencies, there is the option of eco-friendly bunting. Here at Little Cherry, we have plenty of different bunting styles for you to choose from. You can opt for cotton, satin or laced paper bunting in plain colours, gingham, stripes or spots – there are even pretty paisley and floral prints available. And the best bit? All of these options are eco-friendly and reusable, keeping your waste and your cost low. Yes, our bunting is not only beautiful and planet-friendly, but cost-effective too!

Last but not least, bunting is an incredibly versatile decoration. Though it is predominantly associated with parties, it will work well anywhere. You can keep your bunting up all year long to accessorise any room, crack it out for special occasions or even take it outside in the summer months to pretty up the garden.
Of course, these are just a few examples of what draws us to bunting in all its various forms. As well as being a bite-sized piece of British history and a simple but effective decoration, it is a sturdy and reusable accessory that will suit a number of purposes.
So, whether you have a few parties in the pipeline or you just fancy sprucing up your home with something quirky, cute or shabby chic, grab yourself some bunting! For more information on our gorgeous range of childrens party bag filler or biodegradable cutlery visit our website today and wow your guests!