Bags of Fun

Ahh children’s parties…they are the defining moments of happy childhoods and the partying and playtime of these fun-filled days is something everyone looks back at fondly. There’s so much to love about children’s parties, from the presents and party bags to the balloons and decorations, not to mention the all-important cake!

As wonderful as children’s parties are, they can sometimes be let down by mass-produced plastic good and in particular, less than stellar party bags. Flimsy film bags are often filled with cheap and nasty toys like disappointing plastic toys, a naff giant pencil and the firm favourite, a five –piece colouring set with no colours in it. Luckily though, as time has moved on so have party bags and children’s party bag fillers. With the dawn of a greener age, alongside innovations like biodegradable balloons and compostable tableware, came quality party bag fillers and eco-friendly party bags that children actually want to take home from the party – and keep long after.

The clever clogs behind the planet and pocket friendly party supplies we stock here at Little Cherry go above and beyond to bring children everywhere party bags of epic (and eco) proportions! With a unique spin on party fillers, amongst other things, the green party supply market both embraces and enhances the children’s party experience. 

If you want a party to remember then why not say bon voyage to boring plastic party bag fillers and bonjour to the exciting eco-friendly era of wooden party fillers! If you’re still not convinced or you find yourself asking why you should make the switch to wooden party bags, read on.

‘Wood’ you still buy plastic filled party bags if you knew…

  • The majority of plastic products are sent to landfill sites after a single use due to the fact that they aren’t recyclable.
  • Plastic party bag fillers have a much shorter lifespan than wooden ones.
  • Plastic party bag fillers aren’t eco–friendly and can pose a real threat to children’s health (especially the plastic bags themselves). Wooden fillers however are eco-friendly, safe, non-toxic and made to a very high standard.
  • The variety of wooden toys now available on the market is seemingly endless, so you can cater for girls and boys of all ages and preferences.
  • The quality of wooden party bag fillers is far superior to that of conventional plastic fillers so you can rest assured they will be durable enough to keep children entertained for hours on end.
  • Wooden party bag fillers are incredibly affordable, to suit every budget!

As you can see, the world of wooden party fillers is definitely a greener one compared to the plastic one most people currently party in. What’s more is that it is just a much (if not more) fun. So why not slightly tweak your party supply habits one party at a time and help protect the planet for generations to come?

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