Party Bags and Toys

Children's parties are normally full of plastic party bags and plastic toys. And the funny thing is that five minutes after the party, the whole lot is thrown in the bin, without a second thought, to sit there for thousands of years.

We have a colourful selection of premium paper bags with paper twist handles which are ideal for children's party bags or wedding favour bags.
These can be reused or recycled after use and are sold as single bags so no waste!

We also have a range of Personalised Cookie Mix, produced for us by an artisan baker, which means you don't even need to buy the additional party bag goodies. These are very popular and are made to order so please do allow us plenty of time when placing your order.

Alternatively,fill the paper party bags with pencils or traditional toys that have been given a modern twist that your children will love rather than cheap plastic toys which are discarded almost as soon as the party is over.

Our personal favourites are the gorgeous seedboms, produced in the UK and with no plastic packaging. What could be more green than that?

  •  These fabulous, tasty cookie mix bags are a lovely treat for your party guests to take and bake at home.  Each one contains a Double Dark/White Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix to bake at home in a stylish recycled card box with a fun... more info
  • Many of you will be used to seeing children’s party bags stuffed with plastic party bag fillers that get lost or broken twenty minutes after you get home. However, this is the way things used to be but now things are different. You can choose... more info
  • Pencils make a fun and affordable party bag gift.   Children get a lot of pleasure from writing and drawing and these pencils will give them endless enjoyment.  Click on each item to see the full details.
  • In this section you will find some really unusual party bag fillers and birthday gifts.  It's not always easy to find eco-friendly, interesting party bag fillers for older children and we think these are just brilliant. These are party... more info