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Little Cherry’s Quick Tips For A Green Wedding
Posted on 26th September 2014

Planning a wedding is a big deal. There are a million and one things to consider, from the big decisions to the smallest of details. Some people choose to hand this planning hassle over to a seasoned professional and others roll their sleeves up and get stuck in themselves.

When you are planning an eco-friendly wedding, the decisions get a little easier because you know what you are looking for. However, knowing which bits to focus your green efforts on can be a bit of a grey area when you’re already wrapped up in pre-marital madness.

That is why Little Cherry has compiled this quick list of five tips for an easy, chic and fabulously green wedding. 

Wedding Inspiration: Out of the Box Bouquets
Posted on 19th May 2014

Well ladies and gentlemen, it is finally Wedding Season and here at Little Cherry we are looking forward to seeing all the wonderful ways people make their big white weddings green this year!

We’re pleased to report that in the last year the UK has seen a rise in the number of happy couples making a conscious effort to be green on their big day, for example many more people are choosing to use cotton wedding bunting and biodegradable balloons in place of the usual plastic decorations. This good news has been made even better by the increased interest people have had in using our fabulous palm leaf tableware as an alternative to expensive rented place settings and mass-produced plastic buffet plates. Lots of people have actually been making the most of our superb sample packs which give couples a chance to see how well the palm leaf products work with their theme (and trust us, they work with just about any theme!).

With all this planet-friendly party planning going on in the wedding world, we thought it would be nice to look at some of the other ways you can add a unique personal touch to your wedding. On that note, we thought we would share some of our favourite out of the box bouquet ideas for those of you looking to put a twist on the wonderful wedding tradition of bridal bouquets and pretty posies. 

Wonderful Wedding Traditions: The Wedding Wishing Tree
Posted on 15th May 2014

In the spirit of wedding season – which seems to come earlier and earlier every year – we have decided to share some sweet ideas and traditions in our blog, to give you inspiration and help you make your big day extra special. Now whilst this particular post is centred on weddings, the ideas in it would actually work incredibly well at all sorts of parties and events, from big birthdays and anniversaries to family reunions and children’s parties (of course, if you choose to use any of these ideas at a children’s party, make sure you use robust rather than delicate materials!).

The feature idea of this post is the Wedding Wishing Tree. This is a Dutch wedding tradition that has become increasingly popular in the UK over recent years, partly because of its decorative abilities and partly because it is a sweet and delicate update on the traditional guest book.

If You Want It Done Properly, You Have To Do It Yourself
Posted on 27th November 2013

Though the traditional idea of a massive white wedding is still commonplace, rustic weddings have been growing in popularity in recent  years. Usually small, cosy and intimate affairs, rustic weddings are perfect for those who like to do things a little differently and have a  passion for the vintage and homemade.  

 For rustic weddings, popular venues include barns, fields and forests; each decorated with a selection of quirky and unique objets d’art to  suit the couple’s personal tastes. This is definitely the theme for a DIY bride or arty groom. This theme emphasises informal simplicity yet  still creates a charming atmosphere which will go down well with the guests.

 So where do you start?

 It’s all in the details when it comes to rustic weddings. Vintage books, white wedding bunting, lanterns, fruit baskets and even bird  houses, will all add a unique tinge to your special day and your venue will look rustic-chic in no time at all. Homemade signs directing your guests are also a popular motif, as well as handmade invitations and place holders.

Brad Pitt: The Unexpected Wedding Crasher
Posted on 29th October 2013

Imagine you have everything sorted for your wedding day and every detail has been meticulously planned right down to the wedding bunting. Everything is perfect and after a wonderful ceremony with your dashing husband you retire for your reception only to be greeted by an unexpected guest…movie heart-throb Brad Pitt.

Walk Away From Rose Petal Walkways
Posted on 25th October 2013


For decades now flowers have been the trademark image of a classic wedding and many people choose to stick to tradition and decorate their venue with white rose bouquets and a sprinkle of white petals. But why are brides nowadays so scared to step out of the wedding comfort zone? There are many alternatives to flowers, all of which can bring an element of surprise and delight to your wedding. Here is a list of the top five alternatives to bouquets and rose petal walkways:

Make Your Wedding Reception Beautiful
Posted on 16th July 2013

Congratulations – you’re getting married! With such brilliant news we can’t imagine just how excited you are for your big day. You’ve picked out the dresses for you and the bridesmaids, chosen the suit and tie for your partner and it appears that you are well on your way to creating that perfect wedding you have always dreamed of; but wait! What about the venue for the wedding reception?

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